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Lawyers and Copyrights: Copyright in the House

“Copyright laws apply to lawyers too. Yet sometimes they seem to forget this seemingly obvious fact.”

via Law.com

A must read for law librarians.

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New Law Library Head Adapts to Change

Cornell Daily Sun – “Femi Cadmus was appointed head of the Law School Library and associate dean for Library Services this August. She said that as libraries nationwide face an uncertain future she is not afraid to adapt to a digital age. “My vision is for a transformative, innovative, forward-thinking, library. I’m not afraid to try new things,” Cadmus said. “With the shift to digital collections and reliance on technology, we, as librarians, need to stay relevant, be adaptable and explore new avenues.” Cadmus comes to Cornell from the Yale Law School, where she was Associate Director for Administration and a Lecturer in Legal Research.”

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Kevin Riordan: Rutgers law librarian a Web pioneer

Philly.com – “John Joergensen, Rutgers-Camden law school librarian, is also a lawyer, a harvester, and a shepherd. The last two titles sound a bit agrarian, but they are essential arts in his mission: to collect, catalog, curate, and present online a digital archive of the law of the land. Free.”

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County law librarian a solo practitioner

Arizona Daily Sun – “A cream-colored book on a shelf in the Coconino County Law Library in the courthouse is so wide it has clear tape holding it together. Dated 1912, it contains the session laws for the state of Arizona in the first legislative session after it left territorial status and became a state on Feb. 14, 1912. “That one is our first set of laws,” explained Gretchen Hornberger, who has been the sole librarian at the library for 10 years. “Probably most are adopted from territorial law. I guess they had a lot to do that year.”

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Searching the web? Consider the source – federal government websites worth visiting

Bev Butula – “Individuals consider several factors when selecting websites for research. Those factors could include currency of the data, whether clear bias exists, if the site is user friendly, and the authority or source of the information. From this list, I consider authority the most important. Is the data from a trustworthy source? Is the author an expert on the topic? To ensure good authority, I often start my search with government websites. Here are a few of my favorites.”

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On Firmer Ground

On Firmer Ground – “A collaborative effort of the Legal Division of the Special Libraries Association, the Private Law LIbraries Special Interest Section of the American Association of Law Libraries, the Canadian Association of Law Libraries (l’Association Canadienne des Bibliothèques de Droit) and the British and Irish Association of Law Librarians.”

I’m excited about this new blog.  

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So You Want to Be a Law Librarian

Hee Hee!

Morris Cohen

NYTimes – “MORRIS, the name of the online catalog of the Yale Law School Library, is not an acronym. It’s a tribute to Morris Cohen, the school’s longtime librarian and law professor, who died in December at 83 and was one of America’s great scholarly librarians.”

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Thomson Reuters cutting 60 jobs in Eagan

TwinCities.com – “Thomson Reuters, the New York-based publishers of Westlaw and other legal information services, will lay off 60 workers at its campus in Eagan. The company is restructuring and creating jobs while eliminating others in Eagan, which is home to its legal division, Thomson Reuters spokesman John Shaughnessy said today. "Once the entire process is complete, we expect to have around 60 fewer employees on the Eagan campus," he said. The company did not say when the layoffs would take effect.”

They also cut many librarian relations positions this week.

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Superheroes in Court at Yale Exhibition

NYTimes.com – “You might think that a rare books librarian at a prestigious institution would be displaying something like Magna Carta. Or maybe the original publication of the opinion in Hawkins v. McGee, the 1929 contracts case filed by a surgery patient whose botched skin graft left him with a hairy hand. (The case is often taught in contracts classes and was made famous in “The Paper Chase.”) And of course the collection does have its medieval tomes and papers of esteemed jurists — it is, after all, considered to be one of the finest collections of rare law books in the world. But the library also has its playful side, and has archived, for example, an assortment of bobblehead dolls representing members of the Supreme Court of the United States.”

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