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AALL Announces Legal Research Competency Principles and Standards

“The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) has launched
an online information center dedicated to promoting its Principles and Standards for Legal Research Competency within the legal profession. The information center provides access to the principles and standards; implementation and best practice ideas; and information on upcoming programs on using the standards.” (via AALL)

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AALL Issues Request for Law Library Value Report Proposals

“The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) today issued
a request for proposal to commission a research-based report on the important role law libraries play in today’s legal community. When complete, the report should offer law librarians and the institutions and businesses they serve important metrics that can help them calculate the return on investment law libraries provide.” (via

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Law Librarians Survey: The New Normal

“By now, its a phrase that law firm library directors likely hear in their sleep. “Do more with less” was a mantra through the recession; it guided library strategies and triggered cuts to staff, collections, and physical space. But now its become more than just a motto—its standard operating procedure in a fledgling, uneven recovery. The American Lawyers 12th annual Law Librarian Survey finds that, financial uptick not- withstanding, the pressure to contain costs continues, clients are even more reluctant to pay for research than they were a year ago, and negotiations with vendors—never exactly a festive occasion—are still often contentious.” (via American Lawyer)

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Redesign Research

“Of all the lingering effects of the recent recession on the legal industry, none has been so dramatic as client demand for efficiencies. Headcounts are down, and the billable hour model is under attack as alternative fee arrangements become more common. With fewer lawyers, some routine tasks are being assigned to non-lawyers. As a consequence, law firms must operate more leanly. So, where does that leave law librarians? I suggest that legal information professionals are a valuable resource who can support many knowledge management initiatives that directly benefit not only the practice of law, but equally important, the business of law.” (via Law.com)

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Law Librarians at the Front Lines of Change

“In the June edition of Law Technology Now, host Monica Bay, an attorney and Editor-in-Chief of ALM’s Law Technology News invites her American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) co-presenters, Steven Lastres and D. Casey Flaherty to chat about the recent and upcoming changes in technology affecting law librarians and legal research. Bay, Lastres, and Flaherty will be presenting at AALL’s annual conference this month in Seattle. Learn how librarians are leading the charge for faster, better, and cheaper legal services!” (via Legal Talk Network)

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Librarians, BigLaw and the Information Revolution

“We have seen the legal industry evolve considerably during the past several years, largely in reaction to the sluggish economy, client demands, the rapid proliferation of information on the Internet and technological advancements. Throughout these developments, the mission of librarians has endured. The mission is to solve information needs by getting information—the right information—into the hands of the attorney or client quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. We are knowledge enhancers; the library can be described as providing “knowledge services.” However, accomplishing this mission has become more challenging as a result of the changing legal landscape—especially the information explosion and corresponding tidal wave of resources now available for solving information needs.

via National Law Journal

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Law librarianship in the new economic climate

“Today’s economy and how it is affecting librarianship in private law firms has been the focus of many discussions. At the 2012 American Association of Law Libraries meeting and the 2012 Private Law Libraries Summit, it was the central theme running through many of the programs, and there was consensus that the current economic climate calls for innovation and flexibility from private law librarians. We all faced significant challenges with the downturn of the legal market in 2008 that culminated in the credit crisis in 2009. In mid-March and in October 2009, AALL conducted a survey of law library directors to understand how the economic crisis was affecting the profession. What they found was that in private law libraries, 30 percent saw staff reductions, but 72 percent also had a hiring freeze in place.”

via Daily Report

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Lawyers and Copyrights: Copyright in the House

“Copyright laws apply to lawyers too. Yet sometimes they seem to forget this seemingly obvious fact.”

via Law.com

A must read for law librarians.

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New Law Library Head Adapts to Change

Cornell Daily Sun – “Femi Cadmus was appointed head of the Law School Library and associate dean for Library Services this August. She said that as libraries nationwide face an uncertain future she is not afraid to adapt to a digital age. “My vision is for a transformative, innovative, forward-thinking, library. I’m not afraid to try new things,” Cadmus said. “With the shift to digital collections and reliance on technology, we, as librarians, need to stay relevant, be adaptable and explore new avenues.” Cadmus comes to Cornell from the Yale Law School, where she was Associate Director for Administration and a Lecturer in Legal Research.”

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Kevin Riordan: Rutgers law librarian a Web pioneer

Philly.com – “John Joergensen, Rutgers-Camden law school librarian, is also a lawyer, a harvester, and a shepherd. The last two titles sound a bit agrarian, but they are essential arts in his mission: to collect, catalog, curate, and present online a digital archive of the law of the land. Free.”

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