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So Little Paper to Chase in a Law Firm’s New Library

“The law firm Kaye Scholer left a lot behind when it moved this month from 425 Park Avenue in Manhattan, where it had been since 1957, into new quarters at 250 West 55th Street.It left behind offices that had served giants like Milton Handler, one of whose students, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, called him a “colossus” in the realm of trade regulation; Stanley H. Fuld, a former chief judge of New York State’s highest court; and Abraham A. Ribicoff, who served Connecticut as governor and as a United States senator.It left behind the setting of the greatest drama in its 97-year history: In 1992, the partners agreed to pay a $41 million fine to settle a $275 million lawsuit by the federal government charging that the firm had improperly withheld damaging information about a failed savings association that was its client. The suit had threatened to bankrupt and ruin the firm. Kaye Scholer left something else behind: most of its law library. Shelves full of uniformly bound legal volumes — beloved of any photographer, videographer or cinematographer who needs a background that instantly proclaims “law office” — are headed to oblivion in the digital era. Kaye Scholer’s library just got there faster because of the exigencies of the move.” (via NYTimes.com)

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Thomson Reuters Launches Business Development Premier

“Thomson Reuters Elite, a leading global provider of enterprise business management systems to professional services firms, today announced Business Development Premier, a powerful new integrated platform designed to transform customer relationship management (CRM) and business development for law firms. “The legal market continues to evolve in response to the current economic climate, law firm business development priorities and demands on in-house marketing teams. There is no escaping the fact that lawyers are under more pressure to deliver than ever before,” said Eric Sugden, chief technology officer at Thomson Reuters Elite. “In creating Business Development Premier, our intention is to establish the most advanced business development platform possible and target it directly at addressing the issues so keenly felt by law firms.” (via Thomson Reuters)

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Twitter for law firms

STEM Legal – “Following on my last post, which looked at the uses of Facebook for law firms, I thought I’d review the uses of Twitter in the law firm context. As before, I’m going to focus less on the benefits that Twitter can deliver to individual lawyers (which I’ve covered a couple of times at Law21) than on the best ways that law firms as corporate entities can utilize this social media tool.”

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Still Loading: Law Firms Lag Behind the Rest of Corporate America on the Web

AM Law Daily: – “While Womble and others are accessorizing their sites with podcasts, blogs, videos, and rss feeds, many other firms remain entrenched in the world of Web 1.0”

Maybe these firms should talk to an expert.

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Law Libraries (13 of em), meet LibraryThing.

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Marketing Ahead of The Curve

Micah Buchdahl – “Many lawyers like to be trendy and fashionable. In law firm marketing circles, you are not exactly Nostradamus when advising people with incredible predictions of “new” marketing ideas—blogs, podcasts, annual reports, CRM systems—among them. They were new and trendy many years ago, and most catch on just about the time advanced marketers are on to the next great thing.”

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No More Billable Hour

Ann Althouse – “Fast work is a good thing. How hateful to be embedded in a system that rewards inefficiency.”

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U.S. Courts – “Back in the paper world, we constantly had law firm runners who came to the clerk’s office to make copies of case files. They’d have to drive to the courthouse, find a parking place, feed the meter, and pay 50 cents per copy. Helping them consumed a lot of staff time,” she said. “Those days are gone.” (via)

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State of the AmLaw 200 Blogosphere

LexBlog – “LexBlog is pleased to provide you findings on who from the AMLaw 200 has entered the blogosphere.”

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NYLJ – “The editor of a soon-to-be-published collection of literary musings on the world of jurisprudence touts his anthology as proof “beyond any reasonable doubt that no sphere of the human experience is as alluring and lurid, lamentable and lust-provoking as the law.”

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