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Libraries turn to laptop vending machines to fulfill students’ late night studying needs

“Two a.m. might be prime study time for college students, but it’s not always the most coveted shift for library employees. So some universities are testing a new way to give students the tools they need, like laptops or tablets, without adding to employees’ hours: laptop lending kiosks. The kiosks work like vending machines, or like the DVD lending dispensers at grocery stores. A student who wants to check out a laptop – or whatever device the university is offering – navigates a touch screen that authenticates the student’s identity and then dispenses a charged machine. The laptop can be used for a certain number of hours, as determined by each university, and once it is returned its battery is charged while it waits for the next user.”

via Inside Higher Ed

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In this university’s laptop vending machine, the MacBooks are free

“Philadelphia’s Drexel University has installed a Macbook vending machine in the university’s Haggerty library. The kiosk dispenses MacBooks free of charge to Drexel students, staff, and faculty, who can use the machines for up to five hours at a time. The goal is simply to help students get better, safer access to technology. Students toting laptops are targets for muggers. “We installed it in late December,” Niki Gianakaris, Drexel’s media relations director, said. “Students didn’t want to carry their laptops to the library late at night.”

via VentureBeat

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Library’s laptops will tattle on those who steal

Kansas City Star – “Yes, some of the Kansas City Public Library’s laptop computers have fallen prey to sticky fingers. No, the thieves didn’t get away with it — although some probably thought they did until police showed up at their doors with a search warrant. Each of the library’s 60 laptops, including 25 new ones purchased just for teens, is equipped with technology that basically phones home as soon as a thief tries to get online.”

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