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More on the Kindle Settlement…

…from Reuters

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Kindles yet to woo University users

Daily Princetonian – “When the University announced its Kindle e-reader pilot program last May, administrators seemed cautiously optimistic that the e-readers would both be sustainable and serve as a valuable academic tool. But less than two weeks after 50 students received the free Kindle DX e-readers, many of them said they were dissatisfied and uncomfortable with the devices.”

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More Intelligent Life – “The printed word has always had an Achilles heel: factual mistakes. Can the electronic reader help?” (via)

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Kindle and the future of reading

The New Yorker – “Can the Kindle really improve on the book?’

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Why the newspaper still beats the Amazon Kindle

Farhad Manjoo – “Why newsprint still beats the Kindle.”

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Brigham Young U. Suspends Kindle-Lending Program

Wired Campus – "Brigham Young University’s library will no longer let professors check out books on Kindles — at least, not until it receives written permission from Amazon, the company that makes the e-book readers. To meet the high demand for popular new books, the library had purchased Kindles and used them to lend out digital copies. Campus officials said the university had received verbal consent from Amazon, but Brigham Young decided to put the program on hold until it received written consent."

See also: Legal ambiguities be damned! Kindles lent out by public libraries

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Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device – Source Code

Amazon – “Amazon is pleased to make available to you for download an archive file of the machine readable source code (“Source Code”) corresponding to modified software packages used in the Kindle device.”

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Jeff Bezos: Kindle Books and Readers Are Separate Businesses

NYTimes.com – “In the future, Amazon.com’s Kindle e-book reader will display more book formats beyond its own. And you should also expect to see Kindle books on a lot more devices. That was the clear implication of comments that Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s chief executive, made at a conference in New York Monday on disruptive business models”

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Kindle Joins a Bookstore Ritual – Authors Can Sign It

NYTimes.com – “A recent reading in Manhattan at the Strand bookstore by David Sedaris, whose most recent book is “When You Are Engulfed in Flames,” may have offered a glimpse of the future. A man named Marty who had waited in the book-signing line presented his Kindle, on the back of which Mr. Sedaris, in mock horror, wrote, “This bespells doom.” (The signed Kindle was photographed, but its owner’s full name is unknown.)”

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Jeff Bezos: Why the Kindle Is So Expensive

Wired.com – “Nobody is likely to confuse a Kindle with a cellphone, but Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said Monday he considered the cellphone business model: undercharge for the device and make it up on content and service fees. But, Bezos told Wired’s Steven Levy at Wired’s Disruptive by Design conference in New York, it’s cheaper in the long run for customers to pay something akin to the actual cost for hardware. And fees and minimum purchase requirements create friction.”

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