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The Kindle: Who’s afraid of this little white tablet?

National Post – “The news that Amazon’s e-reader was now shipping to Canada was greeted with the same jubilation normally reserved for freed hostages. Eager to learn if the hype was justified, I borrowed one from our tech reporter, Matt Hartley, on Monday.”

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Michelle Boule on the NSB/Kindle issue

From her blog post – “If we try to serve everyone equally, we will succeed in serving everyone in a mediocre way. Never good or even great. Again, we must choose the best way to spend our money to make the greatest impact. The libraries that have chosen to circulate Kindles did not choose to do so because they wanted to discriminate against a particular group; they wanted to serve their population with a new service. Toddler story times do not serve every constituency of a library either, but no one is suggesting we get rid of them. To me, this is just another service that is meant to serve a part of the population. We can not limit ourselves to things that only serve every single person that walks through our doors. That is not a realistic expectation.”

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Universities Will Not Deploy Kindle DX as Textbook Reader

and the NFB is pleased

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Schools shun Kindle, saying blind can’t use it

AP – “Amazon’s Kindle can read books aloud, but if you’re blind it can be difficult to turn that function on without help. Now two universities say they will shun the device until Amazon changes the setup. The National Federation of the Blind planned to announce Wednesday that the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Syracuse University won’t consider big rollouts of the electronic reading device unless Amazon makes it more accessible to visually impaired students”

Discussion over at Fark

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Can libraries, bookstores, and Kindle peacefully coexist?

CSMp – “Having fun isn’t hard when you have a library card.” Or so Peter Daining reminds us in his worthy post today on Tainted Green entitled “Libraries: The cheaper, greener alternative to book stores” in which he notes that, “it takes around 30 million trees to produce all the books in the US.” If borrowing a book is not always as speedy as buying one, Daining exhorts us to take this quick pop quiz before we plunk down our dollars for the paperback du jour: “What’s better for the earth, waiting for a week for your neighbor to finish reading a book, or each buying a copy?”

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School chooses Kindle; are libraries for the history ‘books’?

USA Today – “[T]he venerable boarding school west of Boston — the first in the USA to admit both boys and girls — last summer undertook another first: It began getting rid of most of the library’s books. In their place: a fully digital collection.”

More here

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Amazon’s Kindle ignites legal upheaval

Silicon.com – “Legal Eye: Piracy and copyright at forefront as e-books go mainstream”

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Amazon Kindle UK review

Guardian – “Amazon isn’t so much attacking the UK ebook market as permitting its Kindle to be used here.”

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Are we due a wave of book piracy?

BBC – “The Kindle is here. But will the arrival of Amazon’s much-hyped e-book reader prompt a wave of book piracy?”

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The Book That Contains All Books

WSJ – “The globally available Kindle could mark as big a shift for reading as the printing press and the codex.”

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