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Amazon: A Patch for Your Novel Is Ready To Download

WSJ – “As e-books go mainstream, authors are gaining an opportunity to literally rewrite history. Eagle-eyed owners of the Amazon Kindle e-reader, like Paul Biba of the site TeleRead, have taken note of messages from Amazon letting them know that an e-book they had purchased “contained some errors that have been corrected.” The notes come with an offer from Amazon to wirelessly download an updated version of the book–with the owners’ permission.”

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Kindle for iPad: So Much Depends Upon It

MediaBistro – “Screenshots and information surfaced this morning about Amazon’s Kindle app for iPad and other tablet computers. It looks really nice, offering, in some ways, the things the Kindle itself can’t: a fun-to-use interface, color, illustrations, a bigger screen.”

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Is the Kindle finally ready for the Web?

CNET – “If you own a Kindle, you also own a mobile Web browser. But chances are you never use it. That’s because it’s a lousy experience and one Amazon does its best to keep away from users (hint: look in the gadget’s “experimental” menu). But maybe Amazon is ready to rethink the Web.”

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Can You Read a Book on Your BlackBerry? Time to Find Out, Via Amazon’s Kindle

ATD – “Amazon’s Kindle strategy has two prongs: Tether its e-book store closely to its own devices — but make sure buyers can also read their purchases on other platforms, if they really want to. That will be important when Apple’s iPad (AAPL) launches, since Amazon will have an app that works on that device. And it’s already relevant for users of both iPhones/iPods and PCs that run Microsoft Windows (MSFT). And as of this morning, some BlackBerry users.”

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Amazon Said to Buy Touch Start-Up

NYT – “In a sign that Amazon wants to upgrade its Kindle e-reader to compete head-on with the Apple iPad, Amazon has acquired Touchco, a start-up based in New York that specializes in touch-screen technology, a person briefed on the deal said Wednesday.”

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The Kindle Killer Isn’t Very Killer

Scott Douglas – “Before it was even released, the hype surrounding the iPad already helmed it a Kindle killer; whether or not it is, doesn’t really matter because it’s cool, so people will obviously buy it, and thus it will no doubt give Kindle a run for its money. My bet is Amazon is going to respond come summer with something that tries to one up the game.”

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Amazon expands Kindle self-publishing worldwide

CNET – “Authors worldwide can now self-publish Kindle versions of their books, Amazon.com said Friday. Amazon also said that its Digital Text Platform will now support books written in German and French.”

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Canadians get a Kindle surprise

Macleans – “The e-book reader available in Canada isn’t Amazon’s top-of-the-line device”

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Amazon’s Kindle has copyright protection hacked

BBC – “An Israeli hacker claims to have broken the copyright protection on Amazon’s Kindle e-reader, reports say. The hack will allow the ebooks stored on the reader to be transferred as pdf files to any other device.”

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Can print, technology learn to coexist?

Times Daily – “Their names conjure cozy, images of curling up with a book or newspaper in a wing-back chair next to a crackling fire. Yet the reality is e-readers offer not a dog-eared page in sight. Their names could serve as an example of how print and technology coexist, yet their struggle to maintain harmony remains to be seen.”

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