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Goodreads Is Now on the First Generation Kindle Paperwhite

“We want Goodreads on the original Kindle Paperwhite, too!” was the cri du coeur in November when we first launched Goodreads on the new Kindle Paperwhite. For all of you who asked, your time is now! Starting today, Goodreads on Kindle is available on both models of Kindle Paperwhite in the United States, Canada, and Australia. This is part of our ongoing commitment to bring Goodreads to you on all your favorite devices.” (via Goodreads)

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Kindle Vending Machine Shows How Amazon Could Take Over the World

“Though there’s nothing new about electronics vending machines, any foray by Amazon into the world of offline retail is a big deal. When Amazon ventures into the physical world — whether with in-store delivery lockers or grocery trucks or vending machines — the company’s sheer scale and ambition demand that you think in terms of world domination.” (via Wired)

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Announcing Whispercast for Kindle–A Free Self-Service Tool for Schools and Businesses to Manage Large Deployments of Kindles and Support Purchase and Distribution of Kindle Books and Documents Across Kindle E-Readers, Kindle Fires and Free Kindle Reading Apps

“Amazon.com, Inc. today announced “Whispercast for Kindle,” giving schools and business customers a simple, scalable online tool for deploying Kindle devices and Kindle content. Whispercast provides a single access point to easily purchase and distribute Kindle books and documents for educational, marketing and employee incentive programs across Kindle devices and free Kindle reading applications for iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, PCs and Macs. In the coming months, Whispercast will support distribution of Kindle Fire applications.”

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Zero Dollar Books Shows You All the Best Selling Kindle Ebooks Currently Available for Free

LifeHacker – “Sorting through the Amazon store for free ebooks can be a bit of a mess. To simplify the process Zero Dollar Books is a simple webapp that aggregates all the best selling free ebooks and shows them off in a nice clean view.”

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Queens Library to Lend Free E-Readers Loaded With Books

NBC New York – “Queens Library is lending 50 e-readers loaded with books to library-goers as part of a pilot program to test the concept. The library said it would start making the e-readers available on Thursday at its Central Library in Jamaica to people with a Queens Library card and photo ID.

The devices come pre-loaded with books in one of five themes — best-sellers, romances, mysteries, teens’ books or children’s books.”

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People Mainly Use the Kindle Fire to (Gasp) Read

eBookNewser – “We’ve all read lots of survey results on eReaders and who’s buying them, and here’s another one, only this time it’s focused on the Kindle and Kindle Fire. Citi released a report this week explaining the ‘buy’ recommendation they have on Amazon’s stock. As part of their research, they surveyed 1,100 online consumers here in the US. Needless to say, they’re pleased with what they found.”

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Kindle Owners’ Lending Library Grows to Over 100,000 Titles, Over 1 Million Borrowed

Press Release – “The Kindle Owners’ Lending Library continues to grow rapidly, now offering more than 100,000 books that Amazon Prime members with Kindles can borrow for free—including over 100 New York Times Best Sellers like The Hunger Games trilogy—as frequently as a book a month, with no due dates. “Kindle Owners’ Lending Library continues to grow rapidly – with over 100,000 titles, customers can choose to borrow a variety of breakout, best-selling titles for free, including ‘Nobody’ by Creston Mapes, ‘The Walk’ by Lee Goldberg and ‘Abducted’ by Theresa Ragan, as well as Kindle Singles from best-selling authors Andy Borowitz, Karin Slaughter and Mishka Shubaly,” said Russ Grandinetti, Vice President of Kindle Content. “It’s also become a meaningful way to grow royalties for authors like Patricia Hester, who sold less than 200 books in 2011 prior to joining KDP Select and has now earned over $36,000 from KDP Select in one month as readers have discovered her books through this service.”

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Kindle Lending Library Takes A Chance With Borrowing Books

Wired – “Amazon unveiled a long-rumored “Netflix-for-books” digital lending library Wednesday. Via yet another enhancement for Amazon Prime, subscribers who also own Kindles can borrow one (and only one) book per month from about 5,000 available titles. Once borrowed, you keep the book for as long as you like — there is no due date after which DRM will cripple the file.”

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Public libraries journey into unmapped e-book territory

Boston Globe – “A surge in demand for electronic books is pushing public libraries to rethink their traditional collections of bound volumes, and wrestle with new privacy concerns and the disparate lending policies set by publishers. Since the beginning of the year, several area librarians said, booming interest in e-readers, such as Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook, has led to dramatic jumps in the number of e-books being checked out. E-book downloads at the Public Library of Brookline have jumped from 119 in September 2010 to 537 last month, said its director, Chuck Flaherty.”

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Amazon Kindle Library Lending Program Launches Into Quiet Beta

Techcrunch – “As reported earlier this year, Amazon and digital content distribution service OverDrive are teaming up to bring Kindle library lending to thousands of public libraries across the U.S. That partnership, rumored to be launching this month, has apparently now gone live in select locations. According to postings on Amazon’s Kindle Forum, some users are already seeing this option in the Seattle area. A page on Amazon’s website describing the new service has also gone live.”

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