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Taming Your Digital Distractions

NYT – “And so it goes: You get to your PC every morning with hours of productive time ahead of you. Next thing you know, it’s 5 p.m. and you’ve frittered the day away on Digg, Hulu, Wikipedia and your fantasy football league. And no wonder — how can anyone expect to get anything done when you’re plying your trade on one of the most distracting machines ever invented? With so much available on your PC — your friends, blogs, games and even TV shows — working in a modern office can often seem as rattling as working on the floor of a Las Vegas casino.”

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The Secret to Finding Time For Social Media

B.L. Ochman – “The No. 1 question I’m asked when I speak at corporate seminars and mention that I recently wrote my 7,000th Twitter entry is “How in the world do you have the time for social media?” The answer: I don’t. I make time.”

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More signal, less noise

Phil Bradley – “One of the things that I’m often asked is ‘how do you keep up to date?’

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More on Keeping Current

Attenalert – “Attenalert is a keyword monitoring tool that allows you to find references to specific words and phrases through various sources online.” (via)

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Steven Bell’s Keeping Up Web Site

He’s updated it, with a shiny new domain. Thanks StevenB

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