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Judy Blume goes digital for the first time: ‘Forever’ available as e-book

“Parents of tweens must be cringing: Earlier this week, Simon & Schuster Children’s released the first ever Judy Blume e-book and, fittingly, the story they chose to inaugurate this momentous occasion was none other than Blume’s often controversial “Forever,” which tells an endearing story of two teenagers innocently in love and ready to do it. The novel was first published in 1975 and, because of its somewhat taboo topic, it is often a highly censored book. In fact, Blume’s tale of blossoming love appears on the American Library Association’s list of the 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books from 1990-2000 and comes in at number 8. In fact, five of her books are on the list and the others include “Blubber” (32), “Deenie” (46), “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret” (62) and “Tiger Eyes” (78).”

via New York Daily News

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Judy _____ Blume

Kate’s Book Blog – “I’m not sure that I ever read Forever. But I do vividly recall being taunted with sexual terminology from it by one of the popular girls in my sixth grade class.”

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Focus on Judy Blume

Colleen Diskin – “Many of them spent their puberty reading Blume’s adolescent novels. Now they were bringing their grade-schoolers to meet one of the country’s most censored authors.”

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Are You There, Judy Blume, It’s Steven Cohen

Books For Kids – “Welcome back, Judy Blume”. (via)

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It’s Me, Steven

Cecilia Goodnow – “Judy Blume is back.”

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