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Japan plans to open national manga museum

“Japan is working on a Manga National Center project as one of its “Cool Japan” strategies. The key feature of the project is a plan to open a museum to collect and exhibit such items as original artwork from Japanese manga and anime that are popular internationally.The government aims to open the facility as early as the spring of 2020, prior to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, to attract both domestic and foreign tourists.Costs for establishing the museum are estimated at about 10 billion yen (about $90 million), which the government plans to cover partly with funds from the private sector while keeping public expenses to a minimum.” (via Chicago Tribune)

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Japan librarians cry foul over leaked Murakami reading list

“A war of words has erupted between privacy-advocating librarians and a newspaper after it published a snapshot of the high-school reading habits of Japan’s foremost literary son Haruki Murakami. Leaked library borrowing cards from half a century ago revealed the teenage Murakami — nowadays a perennial contender for the Nobel literature prize — checked out several titles by French writer Joseph Kessel. But the Japan Library Association on Monday lashed out at what it said was an invasion of the publicity-shy writer’s privacy.” (via Yahoo)

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Japan PM to visit Anne Frank House after vandalism

“Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will visit the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam this weekend to express regret over the vandalism at Tokyo libraries of hundreds of books related to the young Holocaust victim, a Japanese official said Thursday. Abe will visit the museum Sunday, a day before he attends the Nuclear Security Summit in the Hague, the official said. He spoke on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to discuss the appearance publicly.” (via AP)

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Anonymous Donor Sends Anne Frank Books to Tokyo Libraries

“While investigators continue to be baffled by the vandalism in Tokyo libraries of over 300 Japanese copies of Anne Frank’s “The Diary of A Young Girl” and related books, people are already stepping in to replace the damaged works. Since late January, a total of 308 books, including copies of Anne Frank’s diaries, and books about her and the Holocaust, have had pages ripped out at libraries in the Tokyo area. Damaged books were reported at 38 libraries in the Tokyo metropolitan area, with local media reporting similar incidents in neighboring Yokohama. Authorities have yet to come up with any motive and public libraries are strengthening their security and relocating books that might be targeted to near check-out counters.” (via WSJ)

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“The Vatican library and four Japanese historical institutes have agreed to inventory, catalogue and digitize 10,000 documents from a lost Japanese archive detailing the crackdown on Christians in Japan in the 17th-19th centuries. Monsignor Cesare Pasini, head of the Vatican’s Apostolic Library, said the so-called Marega Papers represent the largest known civic archive of its kind. An Italian missionary priest took the 22 bundles of documents out of Japan in the 1940s and brought them to Rome. They sat in the Vatican library’s storage depository for decades until a Vatican researcher who could read the characters realized their importance in 2010.” (via The Associated Press)


The future of libraries? In Japan, elevated study pods encourage conversation

“It can sometimes be difficult to find absolute silence in a library if a noisy student or two decide to be chatty. But that’s not really needed at Japan’s Seikei University thanks to the building’s ingeniously designed isolation spheres (pictured above). Referred to as ‘planets’ these modernly designed elevated rooms can be used for meetings or for group work. Such a futuristic environment certainly looks like an inspiring place for young minds to develop! But why bother to go to such lengths to create these isolation rooms? The sole purpose was to create a new type of library where speaking was not prohibited. In a traditional library, students come in to find books that they’re looking for, and then they proceed to read or work quietly. Seikei University wanted to reinvent their library into a space where students have discussions and exchange opinions about their books.”

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Bookstore destroyed by tsunami returns under tent due to popular demand

Mainichi Daily News – “On a Sunday afternoon over half a year after the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami devastated towns on March 11, local residents visiting a makeshift bookstore here were picking up books with an eager look. The sight of the tented bookstore would have been something unimaginable before the deadly quake and tsunami hit Kesennuma, which had hosted a burgeoning large-scale bookstore.”

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Earthquake Damaged Libraries Photographed in Japan

MediaBistro – “Japanese librarians and library patrons have been collecting photographs of earthquake-damaged libraries…”

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Manga library planned for Japan

BBC – “The proposed Tokyo International Manga Library will house two million comic books, animation drawings, video games and other cartoon industry artefacts.”

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More on Censoring

Japan Times – “Several libraries have suspended access to a book that contains confidential information about a teenager institutionalized for setting his home on fire and killing his stepmother and two siblings.”

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