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“Call it throwing the book at the bookworms. A Texas man who was arrested for failing to return an overdue library book ignited an online flurry of snarky comments and headlines about the Lone Star State extending its tough-on-crime bravado to books. But such cases aren’t unheard of, and many communities faced with shrinking budgets and rising costs have ordinances calling for fines or even arrest warrants when library property isn’t returned.” (via The Associated Press)

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Between jailed parents and their children, reading time

“The elementary-aged sisters didn’t seem thrilled to be in the library. The two girls stuck close to their mother, Ann, as volunteers led them into a room with CD players and books. But when a volunteer pressed “play” on one of the devices, the girls’ expressions changed from apathetic to awestruck. The Selby Library hosted the first “Read to Me” event on Saturday, where the children of parents serving sentences in the Sarasota County Jail could listen to a recording of their parent reading a children’s book.” (via HeraldTribune.com)

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Library patron ‘terrified’ at prospect of jail time

AJC – “Yes, Donnetta Foster admits she was asked to leave the Decatur library last October after her toddler laughed too loudly at flash cards. Yes, she said she became boisterous herself when a DeKalb County police officer arrived and ordered her to leave the library’s grounds. And yes, Foster acknowledges some of her choice words included profanity. But at a news conference Friday, the 20-year-old single mother and college student insisted her actions nearly a year ago didn’t rise to the level of criminal activity and a charge of disorderly conduct.”

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