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Smithsonian Libraries Releases Courses on iTunes U

“The Smithsonian Libraries today launched three courses of selected content on iTunes U that focus on topics in early aviation and space history. This release increases exposure of Libraries material and is an innovative way to reach new audiences. iTunes U is a dedicated area within iTunes that gives users public access to hundreds of thousands of free lectures, videos books, podcasts and courses from learning institutions all over the world. With the iTunes U app, users can download content directly onto their iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.” (via Smithsonian Libraries Blog)

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Harvard launches on iTunes U

Harvard News – “University’s content will showcase research, educational material”

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Library of Congress on iTunes U

Library of Congress – “In an ongoing effort to make its digital educational, historical and cultural resources available to web users across a broad spectrum of platforms, the Library of Congress today launched “The Library of Congress on iTunes U.”

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Libraries step into the age of iPod

Reuters: – “It may be about time to dig out that old library card. Hoping to draw back readers, libraries have vastly expanded their lists of digital books, music, and movies that can be downloaded by their patrons to a computer or MP3 player — and it doesn’t cost a cent, unlike, say, media from Apple Inc’siTunes or Amazon.com Inc.”

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Audiobook News

Andrew Adam Newman – “The company that has given Apple’s iTunes the most competition in the song-download arena will now compete with it in selling audiobooks, too. Beginning tomorrow, eMusic, which is second to iTunes in music download sales, will offer more than a thousand books for download, with many of them costing far less than on iTunes.”

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