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More on SWIFT

Jason Griffey – “Identify a need, then present a tool. Not the other way around.”

I took a quick look at SWIFT when ITI sent it out and didn’t even bother. Why? I was already registered for the service (which I needed to activate)! My belly barometer went off when I read that. This was not a SWIFT move from ITI, which is odd, because they usually get it right.

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Moving SWIFTly On…

K.G. Schneider – “If Information Today wants to spend money on an improvement, ensuring MESH wifi for their conference sites would be my vote.”

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3 Years with ITI

January marks the 3rd year that Library Stuff has been sponsored by Information Today.

February marks 3 years since I started my column for ITI’s monthly publication titled, appropriately, Information Today.

What a great 3 years it’s been!

Special thanks to Dick Kaser, John Yersak, Barbara Brynko, Thomas Hogan Sr, Bill Spence, and JD Thomas.

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ITI’s People’s Choice Winners

Barbara Brynko (one of the industry’s best editors – Yeah, yeah, she’s my editor) blogs about the award winners.

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