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iStalkr – Social Feed Agregator

I care about content and how best to get it and how best to distribute it. Lately, I’ve been having a blast with Twitter (taking a quick break over the Passover sedars). It’s addictive, fun, and has the potential to become the ultimate in content delivery. Twitter may also be the aggregator of the future (or the now?).

If that’s so, then Twitter has to evolve to be more than what it is. My Flickr pictures should automatically be posted to my Twitter page, my new bookmarks on Tumblr or Google Reader shared items, the music I listen to, and more. It should contain everything I want to share for others to see in one page, on a Twitter-like stream flow.

iStalkr is trying to do that. It’s in very beta and it’s bare-bones at this point, but the concept is there. It’s Twitter on crack!!

So, my page is here and I’ve added 5 activities: Twitter, Flickr, Library Stuff, Tumblr, and Google Reader Shared Items. If you sign up, let’s try this out together. Make me a friend.

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