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No Wonder Those Books Weren’t Selling

“The powerful company that assigns ISBN numbers to books hurt a publisher by falsely claiming that all its books are out of print, the publisher claims in court. A.P. Lee & Co. sued R.R. Bowker LLC, several of its employees, and BookMasters, a distributor, in Franklin County Court. Bowker has “the U.S. monopoly on granting ISBNs to publishers” and also “publishes ‘Books in Print,’ touted by Bowker as the most trusted and authoritative source of bibliographical information available,” Lee says in its complaint.”

via Courthouse News Service

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ATM Machine

Scott Vine – “So whilst it is fine to say ISB Number or just ISBN, saying ISBN Number actually means you’re repeating yourself and saying International Standard Book Number Number – there is no such thing, it’s like saying telephone number number.”

Right on. I’m picky like that too. Remember folks, it’s not “Web 2.oh”. It’s “Web 2.zero”

Hey Scott, can you fix your permalinks? They don’t seem to be working. Could just be me though.

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