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Swansea library attracts attention of a very different breed

This Is South Wales – “A CITY librarian has blown the lid on the little known sexy side of borrowing books.

Kerry Pillai, manager of Swansea Library, is reported to have said what should be quiet havens of peace and serenity were actually attracting the attention of a very different breed of person.

Speaking to a national newspaper, the former slimming champion spoke about the issue of libraries being considered sexy places.

Most people see them as places in which to expand their horizons, read in peace or pick up a few more nuggets of information about the world around them, in books or via the internet.

But Ms Pillai told the Observer magazine there was a big following on the internet for sites on librarians and people with library fetishes.”

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Virtual explorers: access to rare artefacts at National Library

Irish Times – “The exhibition features a range of rare items from the library‚Äôs collection of documents, letters, maps and art, many of which were deemed too valuable, light or air sensitive to be placed in regular display cases. To overcome the problem, the National Library teamed up with Microsoft which has developed an interactive touch sensitive screen allowing the public to magnify and examine artefacts dating from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.”

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