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Library of Congress Offers Congressional Record As iPad App

LOC – “The Library of Congress, at the initiative of House Leadership and under the guidance of the Committee on House Administration, today announced it has made the Congressional Record available as an app to users of iPad tablet devices. The Congressional Record delivered through the app is a PDF document that can be shared via email and be able to be browsed by date and searchable by keyword within an individual document or section; documents can also be saved to the iPad. Content includes Congressional Record issues dating from January 4, 1995 through the present.”

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Da Vinci’s “Codex” launched on iPad

Reuters – “”The Da Vinci Code” may have been a popular e-book for years, but now readers around the world can view the manuscripts of Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Arundel in high definition on iPad as the British Library launches its “e-book treasures” series. The Italian manuscript written in Da Vinci’s characteristic “mirror writing” — left-handed and moving from right to left — is a collection of notes, drawings and short treatises on subjects ranging from the physical properties of water to descriptions of a prehistoric sea monster.”

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British Library offers e-classics app for iPad

BBC – “The British Library is making digital copies of more than 40,000 classic books available for the iPad. Texts appear in fully digitised form, complete with original page markings and drawings, as opposed to the plain formatting associated with other types of e-books. All of the works date from the 18th and 19th centuries and include novels, poetry and historical accounts. Users must pay a monthly subscription of £1.99 to access the full collection.”

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The Plump Irony: Come Bloomsday, Apple admits mistake over ‘Ulysses’ app

Washington Post – “As literary apps go, Apple knows when to admit a wrong and replay the situation — when, in hacker’s terms, to take a Mulligan. Still, the incident is plump, if not stately, with irony. More than 75 years after the high court ruled that James Joyce’s “Ulysses” was not pornographic or obscene, the corporate judges who preside over Apple’s app store deemed inappropriate some portions of the graphic novel “Ulysses ‘Seen.’ ” But now, just in time for Bloomsday celebrations today, the company has admitted its mistake.”

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E-Reader Applications for Today, and Beyond

NYT – “It’s no longer such a novel thing to read a book on a mobile phone, and on the iPad, it’s practically a requirement to download “The Elements” or open “Winnie the Pooh” to give your friends a glimpse of the future of book reading. But for many people, choosing the best book-reading app is a challenge, especially for iPhone users, because of the wealth of choices in the App Store from Apple.”

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IPhone update might address multitasking complaint

AP – “Topping the wish list for the iPhone and the iPad: broader ability to run more than one program at a time.”

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Magazines Use the iPad as Their New Barker

WSJ – “A laundry list of open questions about Apple’s iPad isn’t keeping magazine publishers and advertisers from lining up for the launch of the tablet computer next week. Time magazine has signed up Unilever, Toyota Motor , Fidelity Investments and at least three others for marketing agreements priced at about $200,000 apiece for a single ad spot in each of the first eight issues of the magazine’s iPad edition, according to people familiar with the matter.”

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Kindle for iPad: So Much Depends Upon It

MediaBistro – “Screenshots and information surfaced this morning about Amazon’s Kindle app for iPad and other tablet computers. It looks really nice, offering, in some ways, the things the Kindle itself can’t: a fun-to-use interface, color, illustrations, a bigger screen.”

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From the Roman Codex to the iPad

WSJ – “How’s this for human progress? It took about 4,000 years from the invention of writing to the Roman-era codex of bound pages replacing scrolls, 1,000 years from the codex to movable type creating printed books, 500 years from the printing press to the Internet—and only 25 years to the launch of the iPad.”

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The Kindle Killer Isn’t Very Killer

Scott Douglas – “Before it was even released, the hype surrounding the iPad already helmed it a Kindle killer; whether or not it is, doesn’t really matter because it’s cool, so people will obviously buy it, and thus it will no doubt give Kindle a run for its money. My bet is Amazon is going to respond come summer with something that tries to one up the game.”

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