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Lawmakers Introduce New Net Neutrality Bil

New York Times: – “Two Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives have introduced a bill that would subject broadband providers to antitrust violations if they block or slow Internet traffic.”

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Internet vs. old-school libraries

Avenue Square – “Libraries have been very helpful before the internet age. But, since cyberspace started, people tend to do research using the internet. The reason? According to a most recent survey, the internet is more reliable and convenient; just one click at the comfort of your own home and you can find all the resources that you need.”

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Internet forum headed for Boston

AP – “Internet users should be free to surf where they want and download what they please. But shouldn’t the owners of the networks that make the Internet possible also have rights?”

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IMLS Announces Public Access Study

IMLS Press Release – “The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) announced that it has entered into a cooperative agreement with the University of Washington to conduct a national study on the social, economic, personal, and professional value of free access to computers at public libraries.”

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Griffey is Online Only

I see Jason Griffey, like most of my librar* friends, twice a year. I love spending time with Griff over a beer, chatting about our families, techie stuff, and other random stuff. But mostly, we laugh. He’s a great guy and deserves all the happiness with his new addition.

Now he says

“[A]fter examining my prejudice, I came to one conclusion: I no longer have any patience with applications that are local. Unless the application I want AND my data live in the cloud, I just won’t use it. I’ve found myself, over the last 6 months to a year, moving nearly everything I do online. Documents are created with Google Docs, I prefer Gmail to any local mail client I’ve tried, heck, I’ve even started using Flickr’s editing deal with Picnik to do my photo edits, and I luuuuuuurve me some photoshop.”

I’m the same way. 98% of what I do on my computer takes place online. To me, that’s 2.0.

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findingDulcinea – Librarian of the Internet

They’re kidding us, right? The last time I checked, this was not 1995.

As far as I’m concerned, there is only one Librarian of the Internet and one Internet Librarian. Heh.

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Trust Me

Economic & Social Research Council – “With public concern over online fraud, new research, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, has revealed that internet users will reveal more personal information online if they believe they can trust the organisation that requests the information.”


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If It’s on the Interweb, It’s Real

Super Librarian – “This Is Why Librarians Aren’t Obsolete”

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This is Just Sad

Reuters – “Rather than looking for their perfect match, one in four Americans say the Internet can serve as a substitute for a significant other, according to a poll released on Wednesday.”

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Internet Lines…Long Ones

AP – “YouTube, online job applications and homework help sites have boosted demand and contributed to lines for Internet access at the nation’s public libraries, yet a new survey finds the majority have no immediate plans to add computers. For many library systems, the buildings simply do not have enough room, and their electrical wiring couldn’t deliver the required power. Others are already struggling to stay open, buy books and encourage youths to read.”

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