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U.S. human rights report hits China, Iran

Reuters – “China and Iran have stepped up their abuses of human rights, targeting both anti-government activists and the free flow of information over the Internet, the U.S. State Department said on Thursday. In its annual survey of human rights in 194 countries, the State Department also criticized Cuba, Myanmar, North Korea and Russia, which it faulted for killings of activists and journalists.”

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Four in five believe Web access a fundamental right

Reuters – “A poll of 27,000 adults in 26 countries for the BBC World Service showed 78 percent of Internet users believed the Web gave them greater freedom, while nine in 10 said it was a good place to learn. Respondents in the United States were above the average in believing the Internet was a source for greater freedom and they were also more confident than most in expressing their opinions online.”

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Internet Use in the United States: 2009

US Census Bureau – “Tables with national- and state-level data showing who is accessing the Internet, cross-tabulated by age, sex, race, Hispanic-origin, educational attainment and employment status. State data show Internet usage at home versus use at other locations. Also included is whether people are using broadband or dial-up for Internet access. Commissioned by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, the data come from the Current Population Survey.”

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Why the web has gone sour

Sydney Morning Herald – “It was when his “inner troll” started getting out of hand that Jaron Lanier felt the first stirrings of unease. A “troll” in internet slang is someone who tries to disrupt online discussions with inflammatory or abusive comments, generally anonymously. “When I started to notice myself getting mean online I thought, ‘Something is missing here. Something has gone terribly wrong,”‘ says the 49-year-old computer scientist from San Francisco.”

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Battling the Information Barbarians

WSJ – “China often views the ideas of foreigners, from missionaries in the 17th century to 21st-century Internet entrepreneurs, as subversive imports. The tumultuous history behind the clash with Google.”

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