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Helping Children Find What They Need on the Internet

NYT – “Benjamin is one of 83 children, ages 7, 9 and 11, who participated in a study on children and keyword searching. Sponsored by Google and developed by the University of Maryland and the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, the research was aimed at discerning the differences between how children and adults search and identify the barriers children face when trying to retrieve information.”

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Fighting Internet Censorship in Australia

EFF – “Our fellow Internet freedom advocates at Electronic Frontiers Australia are gearing up for an important fight in the new year as the Australian government proposes mandatory national Internet filters with a secret blacklist.”

More here from SMH.

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The Battle to Access Information Online

Save The Internet – “There is a silent battle occurring in Washington, D.C., over our ability to freely access and exchange information through our last unbiased medium, the Internet. The telecom industry is feverishly buying up policy-makers in an attempt to block new, unanimously approved FCC regulations on Internet service providers.”

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Booksellers: Law shielding kids goes too far

AP – “The Ohio Supreme Court hears arguments Tuesday in a case that pits defenders of online child protection against advocates of free speech. It is one of the longest running cases in the country that grapples with how states protect minors from pornography and predators on the Internet without stepping on the rights of adults and older minors to hear, see and read certain protected content.”

More about the case, from the ACLU

UpdateFrom AP

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Drink, drug and porn users logged at library

What a headline.

Here’s more

“One sleeping man was so hard to move that three police community support officers had to be called out to remove him.

Discarded needles, porn-surfing PC users and unusual outbreaks of flea bites were also recorded. And the toilets were regularly the scene of problems.

One report states: “Cubicle littered with cigarette ash and butts and empty cider bottles.”

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Sorry About the /’s

Tim Berners-Lee apologies.

I think we forgive him.

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Youth ‘cannot live’ without web


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US ‘to loosen’ grip on internet

BBC – “The “affirmation of commitments” will reportedly give Icann autonomy to run its own affairs for the first time.”

Update from the BBC US relaxes grip on the internet

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Content still king on the Net

CNET – “The Internet offers everything from searching to shopping to social networking, but Net users still spend most of their time on plain old content sites, according to a survey from the Online Publishers Association. In the latest installment from its monthly Internet Activity Index, the OPA reported that Internet users are now spending 42 percent of their time online using content sites, more than any other category. That figure represents a 24 percent jump from 2003 when Net users spent 34 percent of their time on content sites.”

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China Web Sites Seeking Users’ Names

NYTimes – “News Web sites in China, complying with secret government orders, are requiring that new users log on under their true identities to post comments, a shift in policy that the country’s Internet users and media have fiercely opposed in the past.”

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