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A/V Geeks fundraiser to digitize 100 miles of film

“A/V Geeks has done a lot of digitization of old film for The Internet Archive. They are trying to raise funds to digitize many more hours of footage to put up on archive.org which will be free to view and use by the public. The A/V Geeks have over 24,000 old 16mm educational films that we’ve rescued from landfills, dumpsters, closets, school libraries. These films cover topics from Atomic Bombs to Zoo Babies and provide an entertaining yet insightful glimpse into our past. We’ve kept these materials from being thrown out and we want to continue our mission by giving them a new life and sharing them you!”

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Internet Archive Sues to Stop New Washington State Law

“The Internet Archive has filed a federal challenge to a new Washington State law that intends to make online service providers criminally liable for providing access to third parties offensive materials.The Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF is representing the Internet Archive in order to block the enforcement of SB 6251, a law aimed at combatting advertisements for underage sex workers but with vague and overbroad language that is squarely in conflict with federal law. Procedurally, the Internet Archive lawsuit was filed as an intervention into a similar suit, Backpage.com v. McKenna, filed last week.”

via Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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The ‘Archive Team’ Rescues User Content From Doomed Sites

PCWorld – “What happens when your favorite Web host decides to go out of business and ice the content from thousands of users like you? Does all of that data just disappear, never to be seen again? It can happen, easily. Under current law, a cloud or hosting site has a pretty much unlimited right to decide whether the content that people put on its pages remains available or vanishes. And a site that chooses to delete content is under no obligation to preserve the data or even to give the data’s contributors advanced notice of when the purging will occur.”

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Sharing Works: 100,000 concert recordings for free

Internet Archive Blog – “We just hit a milestone: 100,000 free concert recordings from over 5,200 bands!”

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In a Flood Tide of Digital Data, an Ark Full of Books

NYT – “The Physical Archive of the Internet Archive hopes to eventually collect 10 million items, and it has started taking in films as well.”

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3 Million Texts for Free

Internet Archive Blog – “Hundreds of libraries reached the milestone of offering 3 million freely downloadable texts yesterday through the Internet Archive website. Our 3 millionth text is a Galileo pamphlet from the rare book collection of the University of Toronto.”

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Scanning a Braille Playboy

IA Blog – “Hi. I’m Jason Scott, adjunct archivist at archive.org, and I wanted to talk about the time I watched the Internet Archive scan in a Braille issue of Playboy magazine. Many people might not know there have even been Braille editions of Playboy, but they’ve been printed since 1970, a function of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) , which puts out a variety of transcribed versions of periodicals and books and other materials, in forms such as digital text, mp3/spoken, and of course Braille. The service has been going on since the 1930s, and makes these materials available to a wider audience than might otherwise get access. (In the 1980s, an attempt was made to drop the magazine, but it was re-instated after a court battle.) A friend of mine, Thomas Dell, had a copy and I brought it to the Archive, where we decided to scan it in.

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9/11 TV News Archive Conference from Internet Archive and New York University

IA Blog – “Internet Archive and NYU’s Moving Image Archiving and Preservation Program cordially invite scholars, journalists and students to a mini-conference to introduce the 9/11 TV News Archive”

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Physical Archive Launch

Internet Archive – “After 2 years of prototyping and testing a new design for sustainable long-term preservation of physical books records and
movies, we are starting with over 300,000 books and gearing up for millions.”

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Internet Archive and Library Partners Develop Joint Collection of 80,000+ eBooks To Extend Traditional In-Library Lending Model

Internet Archive – “Today, a group of libraries led by the Internet Archive announced a new, cooperative 80,000+ eBook lending collection of mostly 20th century books on OpenLibrary.org, a site where it’s already possible to read over 1 million eBooks without restriction. During a library visit, patrons with an OpenLibrary.org account can borrow any of these lendable eBooks using laptops, reading devices or library computers. This new twist on the traditional lending model could increase eBook use and revenue for publishers. “As readers go digital, so are our libraries,” said Brewster Kahle, founder and Digital Librarian of the Internet Archive. “It’s fabulous to work with such a great group of 150 forward-thinking libraries.”

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