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Persistent URL Service, purl.org, Now Run by the Internet Archive

“OCLC and the Internet Archive today announced the results of a year-long cooperation to ensure the future of purl.org. The organizations have worked together to build a new service hosted by the Internet Archive that will manage the persistent URLs and sub-domain redirections for purl.org, purl.com and purl.net.Since its introduction by OCLC Research in 1995, purl.org has provided a source of Persistent URLs (PURLs) that redirect users to the correct hosting location for documents, data, and websites as they change over time.” (via Internet Archive Blogs)

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The Internet Archive Turns 20!

“For 20 years, the Internet Archive has been capturing the Web– that amazing universe of images, audio, text and software that forms our shared digital culture.  Now it’s time to celebrate and we’re throwing a party!” (via Internet Archive Blogs)

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No More 404s! Resurrect dead web pages with our new Firefox add-on

“Have you ever clicked on a web link only to get the dreaded “404 Document not found” (dead page) message? Have you wanted to see what that page looked like when it was alive? Well, now you’re in luck.Recently the Internet Archive and Mozilla announced “No More 404s”, an experiment to help you to see archived versions of dead web pages in your Firefox browser. Using the “No More 404s” Firefox add-on you are given the option to retrieve archived versions of web pages from the Internet Archive’s 20-year store of more than 490 billion web captures available via the Wayback Machine.” (via Internet Archive Blogs)

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Web Archiving with National Libraries

“After the Internet Archive started web archiving in the late 1990s, National libraries also took their first steps towards systematic preservation of the web. Over 30 national libraries currently have a web archiving programme. Many among them archive the web under a legal mandate, which is an extension of the Legal Deposit system to cover non-print publication and enable heritage institutions such as a national library to collect copies of online publications within a country or state.” (via Internet Archive Blogs)

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Guess what we find in books? A look Inside our Midwest Regional Digitization Center

“The history of a book isn’t captured merely by the background of the author or it’s publishing date or it’s written content. Most books were purchased and read by someone; they are from a specific time and place. That too is part of each book’s history. Sometimes in digitizing books we find pressed flowers or a single leaf or pieces of paper that were used as bookmarks then forgotten. We even found a desiccated chameleon in one book.   When we find something like that at the Internet Archive’s Digitization Centers, we digitize the object because it is part of the history of that book. We see our mission to be   archiving each book exactly as it was found, so that when you flip through a book, you are seeing it as if you had the physical copy in your hands, not just black text on a white page.” (via Internet Archive Blogs)

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