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Internet Archive’s Trump Archive launches today

“The Trump Archive launches today with 700+ televised speeches, interviews, debates, and other news broadcasts related to President-elect Donald Trump, created using the Internet Archive’s TV News Archive.A work in progress, the growing collection now includes more than 520 hours of Trump video. The earliest excerpt dates from December 2009, and the collection continues through the present. It includes more than 500 video statements fact checked by FactCheck.org, PolitiFact, and The Washington Post’s Fact Checker covering such controversial topics as immigration, Trump’s tax returns, Hillary Clinton’s emails, and health care.” (via Internet Archive Blogs)

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New Research Tool for Visualizing Two Million Hours of Television News

“Today the Internet Archive announces a new interactive timeline visualization–the Television Explorer–that lets you trace how any keyword–think “emails”, “tax returns”, “alt-right”–has been covered on U.S. television news over the past half-decade. Over the past year and a half, the GDELT Project and the Internet Archive’s Television News Archive have worked closely together to visualize how U.S. television news has covered the contentious 2016 political campaign.” (via Internet Archive Blogs)

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Preserving U.S. Government Websites and Data as the Obama Term Ends

“Long before the 2016 Presidential election cycle librarians have understood this often-overlooked fact: vast amounts of government data and digital information are at risk of vanishing when a presidential term ends and administrations change.  For example, 83% of .gov pdf’s disappeared between 2008 and 2012. That is why the Internet Archive, along with partners from the Library of Congress, University of North Texas, George Washington University, Stanford University, California Digital Library, and other public and private libraries, are hard at work on the End of Term Web Archive, a wide-ranging effort to preserve the entirety of the federal government web presence, especially the .gov and .mil domains, along with federal websites on other domains and official government social media accounts.” (via Internet Archive)

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Persistent URL Service, purl.org, Now Run by the Internet Archive

“OCLC and the Internet Archive today announced the results of a year-long cooperation to ensure the future of purl.org. The organizations have worked together to build a new service hosted by the Internet Archive that will manage the persistent URLs and sub-domain redirections for purl.org, purl.com and purl.net.Since its introduction by OCLC Research in 1995, purl.org has provided a source of Persistent URLs (PURLs) that redirect users to the correct hosting location for documents, data, and websites as they change over time.” (via Internet Archive Blogs)

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The Internet Archive Turns 20!

“For 20 years, the Internet Archive has been capturing the Web– that amazing universe of images, audio, text and software that forms our shared digital culture.  Now it’s time to celebrate and we’re throwing a party!” (via Internet Archive Blogs)

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