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Big Ten Libraries: Borrowing from the Best

“When Shakiela Morton started researching the lack of STEM preparation for African-American girls in urban schools, she found nearly two-dozen articles in the Rutgers libraries, but none of the books she needed to add weight to her independent project. Then she clicked on a link on the university library’s website for UBorrow – a service provided by the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC), the consortium that Rutgers joined in July 2013. She discovered she could search through the collections of Big Ten school libraries and found four books on black women in science, technology, engineering and math to boost her research. “It was great because it gave me more access to a bigger pool of data to support my research,’’ said Morton, a student in the School of Communication and Information and a member of Douglass Residential College. At some point she wants to have her work published. “I want people to see that it wasn’t based on just personal experience, but on studies and research from others who are interested in this topic,’’ she said.” (via Rutgers)

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Metro libraries writing a novel chapter in e-book lending

“The Twin Cities metro library systems could soon become the first in the nation to share e-books, vastly expanding the number of titles available to library patrons. With e-book users complaining of long waits and limited selection from their local libraries, the change is a sign that e-book lenders are responding to the huge demand. “Anything to have a wider selection would be great,’’ said Keeya Steel, 27 of Edina, an e-book user who guesses she has just a 50-50 chance of finding a book she’s looking for in the Hennepin County system. Print books have gone back and forth across county lines on interlibrary loans for 50 years. But since 2010, when libraries started lending e-books, they have loaned them only to their own resident patrons.” (via Star Tribune)

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MIT Libraries joins Ivy League partnership for access to over 50 million volumes

The Tech – “MIT Libraries recently became the newest member of the Borrow Direct program, a partnership between MIT and the Ivy League, which allows for MIT students, staff, and faculty to access over 50 million volumes available in libraries at Yale, Brown, Penn, Princeton, Dartmouth, Cornell, Columbia, and Harvard (which joined shortly before MIT, in January). The service expands library access from the five million volumes currently available in MIT libraries.”

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Lending crisis may hit libraries

Chicago Tribune – “Downers Grove resident Edris Byers reads about three mystery novels a month. Some of the books she finds at her local library, but other, harder-to-find titles are ordered through an online interlibrary loan system and delivered to her home library within a few days. But that delivery service might be in jeopardy because of lack of funds and the state’s deteriorating financial situation, state library officials warn. “I didn’t know the state was broke,” joked Byers, 84, of Downers Grove. “You know, things are getting terrible. If they stop the delivery service, it will limit our reading material. The only other option would be to go out and buy the book.”

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Article Reach

Another really cool customer service, from Washington State University Libraries.

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