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3M Cloud Library and Innovative Interfaces Now Offer Integration of eBook Lending Service with Encore

“3M Library Systems and Innovative Interfaces have completed integration of 3M Cloud Library eBook Lending Service into Innovative’s Encore discovery application. This latest integration success enables library users to have a seamless experience for 3M’s extensive pool of eBooks, along with their library’s local print and digital collections. This new integration is live at Westerville Public Library (OH) and is available now for all types of libraries.” (via WSJ.com)

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OverDrive and III announce plans for deep API integration

“This week, OverDrive and Innovative Interfaces, Inc. (“III”) agreed on plans for deep API integration of OverDrive services into III products, including Sierra and Encore Discovery Services Platform. Building on the success of the first round of OverDrive APIs, the coming API updates will include the ability to check out and place a hold on eBooks from a library’s online catalog. The plans with III also include an option to take the integration beyond digital and into the physical collection. In addition to providing an enhanced user experience through a library’s online catalog, OverDrive and III will enable a seamless experience for OverDrive library partners in our collection portal, Content Reserve. Libraries will be able to see their physical and digital holdings side-by-side within Content Reserve so that collection development decisions can be based on physical holdings, circulation, and other criteria.” (via OverDrive)

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Tennant on Innovation

Roy Tennant – “If you want to find a treasure under a rock I’d pick up the small ones.”

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III Backlash and TMZ.com

This has been kind of fun to read, kind of like a train wreck.  You just have to keep reading.  I feel like I’m reading TMZ.com!  Yay!

I used to work for a library system which had Innovate as their cataloguing system.  And, I used to "bash" them a bit on my blog and in presentations (I used to put the name of the company in quotes).  It was fun and a real stress reliever.  I always hoped that someone from the company was reading my blog and I hoped that I was helping what I thought to be a staggering technology move forward.

When we get frustrated, we have to take it out on somebody or something. It’s a natural reaction.  When we bash in public, it’s even more of a rush.  I felt like I was drunk sometimes after hitting the publish button after a bash on a company.  What would happen to my post?  Who would be reading?  What would my colleagues say/think of it?  Did I make my point? AAAAHHH!!!!

WIll Innovative drink the Cluetrain/2.0/User-Comes-First/Transparency Kool-Aid?  One can only hope, but one thing rings true.  Librarians are getting fed up and bashy and I love it.  I really do. I kinda feel sorry for Innovative as they are taking the brunt of it.  Oh well.  🙁

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