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IFLA — Don’t Get Stuck in the Slow Lane – Libraries Call for Action on Net Neutrality

“The internet is built to be egalitarian, allowing everyone to access information from across the web without unfair interference.However, this is not the case when Internet service providers (ISPs) can give preference to particular websites, confining others to the slow-lane. This is what happens when the principle of net neutrality is compromised.As institutions committed to giving their users equal access to knowledge, libraries have a major stake in upholding the principle of net neutrality. An IFLA Statement, launched today during a dedicated session of the World Library and Information Congress, sets out the issues and the steps the library community can take.” (via IFLA)

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Libraries and Archives Are Embracing Digital: It’s Time the Law Did the Same

“Digital technologies offer rich opportunities to collect, preserve and make the world’s knowledge available. But to make the most of these collections, libraries and archives need the right laws.At an debate at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), under the chairmanship of IFLA head of delegation Winston Tabb, libraries and archives representatives from three continents set out how the digital format is affecting their work. The librarians and archivists underlined the challenges they face from anachronistic laws, often the fruit of lobbying by established interests.” (via IFLA)

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IFLA-FAIFE statement on the continuing detention of the Director of the Library of Ukrainian Literature

“In November 2015 IFLA-FAIFE published a statement expressing concern over the targeting of the Library of Ukrainian Literature in Moscow.  The Director, Natalya Sharina had been arrested and charged on suspicion of inciting hatred or animosity towards a social group by allegedly holding banned books in the Library.  Natalya was subsequently arrested, and then placed under house arrest.Since then Natalya has been charged with gross embezzlement and she remains under house arrest.” (via IFLA)

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IFLA Green Library Award 2016 Winners announced

“IFLA’s Environmental Sustainability and Libraries Special Interest Group (ENSULIB) is pleased to announce the winner of the IFLA Green Library Award 2016.The IFLA Green Library Award was established 2016 by ENSULIB (SIG) and generously sponsored by De Gruyter publishing. The award is 500 Euros for the first place winner.” (via IFLA)

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Special issue of IFLA Journal on Cultural Heritage

“We are very happy to present the newest edition of the IFLA Journal which is entirely dedicated to Cultural Heritage. The edition was edited by Douwe Drijfhout (Preservation and Conservation Centre for English Speaking Africa) and Tanja de Boer (Preservation and Conservation Section). This special issue aims to contribute to a deeper understanding of Cultural Heritage preservation and highlights case studies and practices from within the cultural heritage community and context.” (via IFLA)

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