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What do modern libraries loan? Human books

“There are still epic tales of migration, inspiring stories of people overcoming hardship, and chronicles of religious or racial persecution.
But in some places, there aren’t any books — instead, it’s humans that are on loan. “A Human Library is just like a real library but instead of paperbacks and hard covers, we have real people on our bookshelves,” said Ronni Abergel, cofounder of the Human Library Organization. “You can borrow the bipolar or the Muslim or the transgender or the homeless, and in this way you get a chance to talk to this person and you may just realize what you have in common.” (via CNN)

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Human Library program coming to Ottawa

CBC – “War Museum plans peace exhibit featuring ‘human books” – (Thanks Elaine)

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Middle school to keep challenged book

The Wenatchee World Online – “The book “Alice on Her Way” will stay in Icicle River Middle School’s library, but with checkout restricted to students who have parental consent, the Cascade school board unanimously decided Monday.”

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Parents take son out of school over controversial book

WWAY – “A book on a local ninth grade reading list has some parents so upset, they took their son out of school.”

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Big win for Idaho families: porn books pulled off Nampa library shelves

Bryan Fischer – “The Nampa Library Board yesterday voted 3-2 to pull two pornographic books off library shelves and sequester them in the library director’s office, a move which will make the library safer for Nampa families and their children.”

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Librarian Fired Over DeLillo Book Dies at Age 77

MyFox Colorado – “Anna “Jeanne” Layton refused to take “Americana” off the shelves of the Davis County Library, arguing that patrons could decide whether they wanted to read it.”

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More on Human Filtering

LJ – “A Maine library has been cleared of obscenity charges for having a controversial sex ed title on its shelves, and the patron who removed the book from the library will stand trial for theft.”

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More on Human Filtering

From this piece, comes the strangest comment on human filtering I have read in a while:

”I just want kids to enjoy their innocence and their time of growing up,” Jeff Issa said, explaining his persistence. ”Let them be kids Â… and not worry about homosexuality, race, religion. Just let them live freely as kids.”

Let your kids enjoy their “innocence”. I’m going to teach my kids about tolerance and the ability to think freely. (via)

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More On Human Filtering

Good point – “If every book were to be taken off the shelves because someone considered it offensive, libraries would be empty.”

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Human filtering in my own backyard…well, an hour away, but still scary.

And I thought this stuff didn’t happen on LI. Hah.

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