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Counterfeit bills at public library trigger new screening policy

Houston Chronicle – “While on its mission to provide free information, the Houston Public Library has to swat at the occasional counterfeiter. At each of the library’s 42 locations, equipment at the circulation desk includes a counterfeit detector pen. Widely available at office supply stores, the pen contains a solution that detects bills printed on common copier paper rather than the cotton-and-linen-fiber paper the U.S. government uses. When a librarian marks a bill with the pen and the mark turns black, that means the bill is bogus. If the mark turns yellow or remains clear, the money is good.”

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About 325,000 Items Missing from Houston Libraries

AP – “One look at the Houston Public Library’s delinquency records is enough to both buoy and sink the hearts of book-lovers: Borrowers seem to like the printed word so much that they’ve failed to return 243,102 books since 1999. In all, 119,558 library patrons have taken 325,000 items from the system since 1999, according to a Houston Chronicle analysis of the delinquency database.”

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