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Corning library trustee steps down, cites objectionable material

“A Southeast Steuben County Library trustee recently stepped down from the position after criticizing the library for promoting objectionable material in a letter posted on the official website of the Town of Caton, where she serves as assessor. In the letter, Ann Balch said her Christian beliefs do not allow her to support:

• The viewing of pornography on library computers.

• The promotion of homosexuality, especially in the children’s department.

• The promotion of witchcraft in the young adult’s section.

• The promotion of the Muslim religion without also promoting Christianity as an alternative.

via The Corning Leader)

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Homophobia comes to children’s books with ‘God Made Dad & Mom’

“It’s unfortunate that the American Library Association announced its list of the previous year’s most offensive books in April, because the clear winner for the 2013 calendar year has recently emerged. “God Made Dad & Mom,” an ostensibly innocuous children’s book, has beaten all other releases — if only by dint of its lamb-like exterior accentuating the strongly homophobic content.” (via New York Daily News)

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Shorter University sacks its gay librarian

“That long list of Shorter University employees who are no longer employees on the north Georgia campus thanks to the gay witch hunt launched by President Donald Dowless? Add one. Yep, the school sacked its off-campus librarian, 14-year tenured faculty member Michael Wilson. It’s not like he didn’t know it was coming. Last fall, the school \put in place a new Personal Lifestyle Statement that bans gay sex for faculty and staff, among a long list of other behaviors it argues aren’t in agreement with the Bible.”

via Project Q Atlanta.

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