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NC library donates Nazi photos to Holocaust Museum

“A collection of photographs of Nazi Germany during World War II now belongs to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., after spending decades in North Carolina. The Perquimans County Library donated three volumes that depict Germany in 1939-41, The Daily Advance of Elizabeth City reported. The volumes have a German title that translates as “Greater Germany in the Affairs of the World.” Most of the photo albums were prepared as gifts for Nazi party leaders and contained photographs of German cities, official construction projects, art works, and Nazi activities, according to research by the Library of Congress.” (via AP)

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Research Guide to Holocaust-Related Holdings at Library and Archives Canada Launched at a Reception for Delegates of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance

“Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) officially launched today the Research Guide to Holocaust-related Holdings at LAC in conjunction with meetings of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) in Toronto. The Guide will help researchers find material relating to a broad range of events and decisions that took place before, during and after World War II. It catalogues the extensive Holocaust resources preserved at Library and Archives Canada, including rare books, personal accounts, government files and interviews.” (via Market Wired)

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Nazi-Looted Books Spell Decades of Labor for Libraries

“Arthur Goldschmidt, a Leipzig dealer in animal feed and an exporter to South America, was more passionate about books than business. His private collection numbered 40,000 carefully indexed volumes and he engaged a librarian to take care of it. After the Nazis seized power in 1933, Goldschmidt was persecuted as a Jew; his assets were liquidated and his company confiscated. For survival, he sold his treasured collection of 2,000 almanacs — spanning three centuries — for a pittance to the Goethe and Schiller Archive in Weimar. He fled in 1938. His grandson Tomas Goldschmidt, who was a toddler when Arthur died in poverty in Bolivia in 1951, had no idea the collection had survived until he was contacted by the London- based Commission for Looted Art in Europe — 70 years after his grandfather’s escape. The commission traced him at the request of the Duchess Anna Amalia Library in Weimar.” (via Businessweek)

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Rare Nazi book donated to holocaust museum

“When a La Grange Park Public Library employee noticed the German word for secret written inside the front cover of an old book donated to the library, she knew it wasn’t the typical anonymous gift. An envelope tucked inside its pages gave more clues to its significance a document of the Third Reich’s industrial build-up to World War II in Germany. The return address was for Paul Pleiger, who was selected by Nazi party leader Hermann Göring, to oversee the industrial push to produce iron, steel and other material necessities for conducting the war.”

via Chicago Tribune

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Holocaust Library settles suit over stolen documents

“One of the world’s largest private libraries of Holocaust documents has resolved part of its lawsuit seeking payment for stolen historical documents, reaching an undisclosed settlement with New York-based bookseller Dan Wyman after alleging he knew at least nine documents he bought from a library intern had been stolen. The Mazal Holocaust Library filed suit against Wyman in 2011 along with former intern Mansal Denton, 21, accused of stealing thousands of priceless documents from the library and selling them online. The library’s 74-year-old founder, Harry Mazal, died eight months after Denton was charged with second-degree felony theft.”

via San Antonio Express-News

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World’s Oldest Holocaust Museum, in London, Gets New Life

NYT – ” In a sun-drenched room overlooking Russell Square, a visitor’s eye is immediately drawn to a display of cheerful coloring books, a brightly colored board game and photographs of laughing children. On closer inspection, the children in one photo can be seen crowding around a cake decorated with a swastika.”

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In Israel, gathering fragments of the Holocaust

Washington Post – “The scene unfolded at a collection day organized this week by Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust memorial center, as part of a national campaign to find and preserve materials from that period that are scattered in homes across the country. Since its launch in April, the project, called “Gathering the Fragments,” has accumulated more than 33,000 items, including diaries, art works, personal belongings, letters and photographs.”

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Jewish Texts Lost in War Are Surfacing in New York

NYT – “The story of how the hundreds of tattered, cloth-bound books with esoteric German titles ended up in New York includes impossible escapes, careful scholarship and some very heavy suitcases. And while the exact trails of many of the volumes remain murky, they wind through book-lined apartments on the Upper West Side, across a 97-year-old woman’s cluttered coffee table and into a library’s cavernous stacks.”

For Jewish scholars, the collection of Science of Judaism texts (in German, Wissenschaft des Judentums) is a touchstone marking the emergence of Jewish tradition as a philosophy and culture worthy of academic study.”

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Power Line – “Israel’s Yad Vashem has posted The Auschwitz Album online. It comes with an introduction, the album itself, a multimedia presentation and aerial photos.”

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Naxi Records Released

USA Today – “Holocaust survivors move closer this week to being able to find a paper trail of their own persecution when the keepers of a Nazi archive deliver copies of Gestapo papers and concentration camp records to museums in Washington and Jerusalem.” (via)

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