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Libraries’ Leading Roles: On Stage, On Screen And In Song

“When I was 9, I spent a lot of time at a public library just down the street; I was already a theater nerd, and it had a well-stocked theater section. Not just books, but original cast albums for Broadway shows old and new. One day, an addition: The Music Man, about a salesman who was crazy about a girl named, as one song put it, “Marrrrrrrion, madam librarian.” I just assumed our librarian, who was maybe 23, was that most regrettable of midcentury things, a “spinster.” (She was so much older than my baby-sitters.) Later I learned that The Music Man was spoofing that idea, by making Marian young — maybe 23 — and sexy once she let down her hair and utterly irresistible to the traveling salesman, who’d presumably had many a fling.” (via NPR)

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Classic Hollywood: Motion pictures in still photos

LA Times – “Over the last 41 years, film historian and author Marc Wanamaker has acquired some 200,000 photographs chronicling the history of film production in North America from 1909 until the present day. Many of these photographs are one of a kind. Last month, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences received more than 70,000 of these photographs from Wanamaker’s Bison Archives, which was named after the old Bison Film Company. “It is one of my favorite companies because they made films about Sioux Indians from a Sioux point of view in 1909,” Wanamaker said.”

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We Finally Made it Big



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