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Stolen US historical documents returned to owners

“At a table in the library of the Maryland Historical Society, an investigator with the National Archives pulls file folder after file folder from a cardboard box and hands them to library director Patricia Dockman Anderson. An FBI agent sits nearby. Item No. 451: an invitation to meet Vice President Hubert Humphrey in Hawaii in 1966. Item No. 1695: a ticket stub to the 1912 Democratic National Convention. Item No. 1332: a program linked to President Abraham Lincoln’s 1865 funeral. Until recently, the documents were evidence, some of the more than 10,000 items seized in a massive theft investigation that ensnared a well-known collector of presidential memorabilia and his assistant. This week, however, they were returned to the society to become again pieces of history available to researchers.” (via AP)

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Historical Society Joins Digital Age

WSJ – “When the New-York Historical Society reopens to the public on Nov. 11, it will shun conventional museum policy and invite visitors to touch the objects in its new gallery. Some of them, anyway. A new series of interactive kiosks will invite people to experience the collections through touches, taps and swipes. The technology is part of a three-year, $65 million renovation project that aims to shake the dust off both the building and the organization, which houses the oldest museum in New York City.”

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