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The New Hillary Library?

“When the new president, if she is Hillary Clinton, moves into the White House, will she unpack her library in the spirit of Walter Benjamin—releasing memories of adventures attached to books? Not likely. Will she think of books and libraries at all? Probably not. She has more important things to do. But the arrival of a new president at this moment, not long after the dawn of the digital age, could open an opportunity to reorient literature and learning in a way that was envisioned by the Founders of our country, one that would bring books within the reach of the entire citizenry.” (via The New York Review of Books)

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Hillary and Violent Video Games

Probably why I won’t vote for Hillary. I’m not one for video games (I don’t “get” them – they seem like a an incredible waste of brain power and time, IMO), but Hillary should not be policing what private citizens do in their own home on their own time. Terrible.

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Something to Hide?

Mike Dorning – “Few of ex-first lady’s files released by her husband’s archive.”

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