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Harvard Is Digitizing Nearly 40 Million Pages Of Case Law So You Can Access It Online And For Free

“Not too long ago, a statement like this spoken in the hushed, hallowed hallways of the Harvard Law School library would have been considered heresy: “I think for court decisions, law books are becoming obsolete and even to some some degree a hindrance.”That’s Adam Ziegler, and he’s no heretic. He’s the managing director of the Library Innovation Lab at Harvard. Ziegler is leading a team of legal scholars and digital data workers in the lab’s Caselaw Access Project.” (via Bostonomix)

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You Can Now Browse Harvard’s Huge Bauhaus Collection Online

“THE BAUHAUS NEVER really died. Though the famed German art school existed in physical form for just 14 years, its legacy lives on in many ways. The latest incarnation: Harvard’s massive online archive. The school recently made more than 32,000 digitized artifacts—paintings, drawings, photos, sculptures, and more—available for browsing, and it’s a beautiful time-suck for design lovers.” (via WIRED)

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Guarding the dazzle of the past

“Inside the four-story, glass-and-concrete building near Harvard Square, past busy coffee shops and restaurants, Harvard social clubs, and a flower store, women and men in white ministered to rare books and unique materials from Harvard Library to save them from the ravages of time.It was a spring afternoon, and specialists at the Weissman Preservation Center labored with a mix of tenderness and skill at the conservation lab on the fourth floor, where entry is restricted. In one corner, Alan Puglia, senior rare book conservator, was mending tears in a letter book kept by an American diplomat during the years of the American Revolution.” (via Harvard Gazette)

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Harvard’s Perma.cc receives grant to expand its tools for saving sources on the Web

“The Institute of Museum and Library Services has awarded a major grant to the Harvard Law School Library Innovation Lab to further develop its Perma.cc tool to combat link rot.The IMLS grant awards over $700,000 to the Harvard Law School Library Innovation Lab, in cooperation with the Berkman Center for Internet & Society and more than 130 partner libraries, to sustainably scale Perma.cc to combat link rot in all scholarly fields.” (via Harvard Law Today)

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A playful turn for libraries

“William Brewster was 14 when he started chronicling the habitat of birds and wildlife in Cambridge. He went on to document the changing natural landscape of his hometown for more than 50 years from the late 1800s into the 1900s.Brewster’s work, part of the collection at Harvard’s Ernst Mayr Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, represents an important resource in the study of the region’s natural history. One big problem, however, comes with transcribing the volumes of handwritten observations into digital text files that can be accessed and mined online.A new initiative is underway to use gaming and crowdsourcing to speed the massive task of transcribing such documents, at Harvard and around the world.” (via Harvard Gazette)

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