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Perspective on Harry Potter

PLA Blog – “What has is your library’s perspective on the Harry Potter phenomenon?”

They want your essays. Public Libraries is one of the best journals for librarians. I know from experience.

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More Rowling – Ack!

Booklist – “Never one to rest on her considerable laurels, J.K. Rowling is reportedly haunting the coffee shops of Scotland and working on a post-Harry Potter mystery novel.”

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Stephen King on Harry Potter

Entertainment Weekly – “Now that the dust has settled on ”Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” Stephen King reflects on why no review did it justice, and whether kids (and their grown-ups) will ever read the same way again” (via)

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Harry Politics

Daniel Nexon – “Harry Potter,” in fact, functions something like a Rorschach Blot: In countries around the world, it captures various national anxieties about contemporary culture and international affairs.”

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Harry Potter and the Daily Hello’s

Ken Jennings – We stopped in a bookstore yesterday because Dylan and his lima-bean-sized bladder urgently needed a restroom. On our way back to the stall, he marveled, “Look at all those copies of Harry Potter and the Daily Hello’s.”

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Potter Porn

CNET – “LiveJournal users who patronize sex-themed Harry Potter fan art and fiction communities are revolting a second time over account suspension notices that they say are unwarranted and trample on their free-expression rights.”

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Good Timing, Harry.

Economic Times – “Why did Harry Potter become the focal point? It is likely the answer is partly quality, and partly the luck of good timing.” (via)

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More on Harry and Reading

LA Times via Newday – “Despite statistics showing that reading drops off in adolescence, particularly among boys, Cart adds: “It may be true that after volume seven some may never pick up another book, but they have discovered something that might have remained foreign to them all their lives.”

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No More Harry

Newsday – “For all the Muggles out there who have finished the last of the 759 pages of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” there might be a sort of malaise taking effect right about now.”

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Jessa Crispin: “I should have scheduled my vacation for the Harry Potter month.”

We both had the same idea.

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