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‘Harry Potter’ Is Addictive, Study Concludes

MTV Movie News – “Survey finds that 10 percent of participants showed signs of addiction, withdrawal after finishing ‘Deathly Hallows.'” (via)

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J.K. Rowling To Speak at Harvard Commencement

New York Observer– “Harvard announced today that J. K. Rowling will deliver the keynote address at this year’s commencement ceremony, which will be held on June 5th. As is customary, the Harry Potter author will receive an honorary degree from the university.”

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JK Rowling drops hints…

…of an 8th HP book.

g-d help us all!

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Harry Potter Anger

His anger apparently comes from J.K. Rowling splitting from her ex.

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Too Wild About Harry

Peter Lattman – “J.K. Rowling and the maker of the “Harry Potter” films have filed a lawsuit against a small Michigan publisher over its plans to release the “Harry Potter Lexicon,” a book version of a popular Harry Potter Web site.”

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More on Harry Potter

Raju Mudhar – “Writer J.K. Rowling’s revelation about the gay private life of a dead – and fictional – school headmaster in her popular Harry Potter series of books is conjuring both criticism from those who already wanted the books banned and calm acceptance from those who applaud her for not making it a big deal in the first place.”

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That Baby DVD

I added a new album to my iPod. That Baby. If you are sick and tired of the same tired old kids shows and music, get this CD (and the DVD).

We have the other two creations (Oy Baby and Oy Baby 2), which focus more on Judaism, but the latest release is modernized and Americanized. Hallie already knows the words to most of the songs by heart.

Rob Wolf, the creator, used to work at Microsoft and is a genius with the camera. And, if you like artists like Sarah Mclachlan, etc, you will fall in love with Stephanie Schneiderman, who produced and arranged the songs.

If you buy either the second and/or third DVD, my kids make a cameo appearance. 😉

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More on Harry Potter

AP – “With author J.K. Rowling’s revelation that master wizard Albus Dumbledore is gay, some passages about the Hogwarts headmaster and rival wizard Gellert Grindelwald have taken on a new and clearer meaning.”

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Harry Potter and the Framers’ Intent

Michael C. Dorf – “In the balance of this column, I will explain why James Madison is no more of an authority on the meaning of the U.S. Constitution, than J.K. Rowling is on Dumbledore’s sexual orientation.”

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eBooks Making a Comeback?

Tony Glover – “Harry Potter and his wizarding chums may be about to make a digital publishing leap. Online bookseller Amazon has plans to unveil a wireless electronic book reader, a kind of literary iPod, which already has UK publishers scrambling to digitize their entire range of titles. The device, which sources claim could be launched as early as next month, would follow the recent U.S. launch of the Sony eBook Reader, a machine the size of a hardback that stores digital copies of up to 80 books and lasts 7,500 pages on a single charge.

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