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Hallie Sings Camp Rock!

It’s her favorite movie.  I’m saving up for singing lessons.  🙂

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Are Computers For Kids?

Chris Pirillo asks.

We bought Hallie her computer when she turned 2 and a half. She picked up on it right away and going to PBSKids and Disney Playhouse on her own within days. I recommend parents get their kids a computer as soon as they can figure out how to use a mouse.

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On School Libraries

Here’s a great piece on school libraries for our young ones.

Hallie goes to her school library every Wednesday. She picks out a book and takes it home for us to read together. She looks forward to it every week. But, despite my prodding, she hasn’t yet told the librarian what her daddy does for a living. Oh well.

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Happy 5th Birthday Sweetheart

Lil' Pumpkin on Big Pumpkin

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Kindergarten Starts Tomorrow For Many

David Parmet – “Tomorrow is the first day of Kindergarten for the Twin Princesses. The family recording devices (digital, video, audio) are being prepped and readied. Grandma and Grandpa are standing by. Media is being alerted.”

Hallie has strict instructions to call me right when she gets home. I can’t believe she starts kindergarten tomorrow. Ack!

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We had a very relaxing Labor Day weekend. Back to the fray tomorrow. For those that don’t follow my Flickr feed, here’s a beautiful shot of Hallie that I took today.

Playing with tones

And, here’s a recent one of Ari, with my mom.

Grandma and Ari

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School Year Starting

Reuters – “As children head back to school savvy teachers are looking for the best ways to help students maximize their learning potential.”

Hallie starts Kindergarten on Wednesday!! Ack!

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Happiness is…

…waking up with a dry diaper. Congrats Hallie. 🙂

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Ballet Redux

David, been there, done that. Makes us fathers proud, eh? I think I’m going to miss Hallies next recital though. 🙁

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