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[Virginia] House panel shoots down ban on guns in libraries

“A House subcommittee shot down a bill Thursday that would allow libraries owned or operated by local governments to ban firearms from their premises. On a 4-1 voice vote, Subcommittee No. 1 of the House Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee recommended tabling HB 1418. The bill, proposed by Del. Delores McQuinn, D-Richmond, sought to allow localities to adopt ordinances to prohibit the carrying firearms in public libraries.” (via WRIC)

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Coming soon to your local library: guns?

“Will the fourth time be a charm? The Arizona Legislature appears headed once again to passing a bill that would allow Arizonans to carry concealed weapons into public buildings. Undaunted by Gov. Jan Brewer’s three – count ’em, three – vetoes, our leaders are trying once again to to pass a law that would allow most any Tom, Dick or Dirty Harry to come packing when they hit the local library – and I don’t mean books.” (via azcentral)

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Windsor library changes weapons policy

“The Clearview Library District officially changed its rules Thursday, Sept. 25, to allow patrons to legally carry concealed guns in the library.The library board voted unanimously Thursday evening to update the district’s conduct policy to prohibit “open carrying of firearms and weapons; carrying a concealed firearm with a firearm without a concealed firearm permit.”The “Conduct in the Library” policy had stated that all weapons were banned from the library unless carried by law enforcement.” (via Coloradoan)

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Rocky Mountain Gun Owners vs. small town library?

“It’s shaping up to be a small town showdown straight out of an old West tale: gun-rights group Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is threatening to wage a legal battle on its own turf against the Clearview Library District in Windsor, where RMGO is also based.The dust-up was spurred when librarians asked mother Erika Sattler to leave the Windsor-Severance Library after another patron noticed Sattler’s concealed handgun. Librarians apparently advised Sattler that guns are prohibited at the library unless being carried by law enforcement. Sattler gathered up her children and departed, but while she may have lost the battle RMGO has rallied to help her win the war.” (via The Colorado Independent)

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Packing heat in your library bookbag

“This weekend, I plan to work up my nerve, push away my fear, toss caution to the wind and walk into one of those sinister spots where danger awaits around every corner, where catastrophe could strike at any moment. Yep, I’m going to the library. Every day all over Arizona, people take their lives into their own hands as they dare to take their books back to the library. That’s because in Arizona, you can’t take your AR-15, your AK-47 or your Sig Sauer P290 into the public library. Not so much as a Saturday night special can you sneak into the stacks.” (via azcentral.com)

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