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Indiegogo Supporting Traveling Carolina Manga Library

“Carolina Manga Library is a library on wheels dedicated to promoting literacy through graphic novels, comic books, and manga. Traveling to various conventions and events in the U.S., the non-profit organization supplies all kinds of books while challenging others’ interests. Head librarian Laura Mehaffey started the library last year as both a certified librarian and fan of manga and anime. Working with local libraries, Mehaffey and American comics librarian Aaron Mehaffey work to change the perception of these media.” (via The Escapist)

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‘Tintin’ comics to remain in Amherst library children’s room despite parents’ objections

“A graphic novel series containing racial stereotypes that some parents argue is inappropriate for pre-teens will not be removed from the children’s area at the Jones Library as a group has requested. But library officials are pledging to be part of a community dialogue focused on racial issues and to better inform the public about the children’s room policies and how books are chosen. The Jones Board of Trustees Thursday took no action on a request from five parents asking that “Tintin” books be moved from a shelf at the entrance to the children’s area to either the young adult or the adult section of the library. As a result, the 1930s-era series by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi, will stay where it is.” (via GazetteNet.com)

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Beyond Visible: LGBT Characters In Graphic Novels

“OK, yes: To gay comics fans like me, DC Comics’ decision to hire an anti-gay activist like Orson Scott Card to write Superman — an iconic character who exists to represent humanity’s noblest ideals of justice and compassion — is deeply dispiriting. But it doesn’t change the fact that today’s mainstream superhero comics contain more LGBT characters than ever. Surely this is a good (if, let’s agree, weirdly specific) thing. After all, superheroes remain the comics medium’s dominant genre, and having the characters who populate that genre more closely resemble those of us who populate the world at large must count as progress.”

via NPR

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Columbia University Libraries Expands Support for Research in Comics and Graphic Novels

“Columbia University’s Rare Book & Manuscript Library (RBML) is pleased to announce the acquisition of two significant additions to its Comics and Graphic Novels collections:  research materials for Larry Tye’s well-received 2012 book, Superman: The High-Flying History of America’s Most Enduring Superhero, as well as six 1940’s Batman scripts from the estate of Jerry Robinson.”

via Columbia University Libraries

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Reading With Pictures: The Graphic Textbook

Wired – “I’m going to assume you’ve already heard the argument that comics are a great way to teach literacy, and not re-hash that here. Comics are also a pretty good way to teach other things as well: it’s a very blurry line between comics and instructional diagrams, for instance. The combination of words and pictures is something that just clicks for many readers, particularly when it’s done well. Reading With Pictures is a non-profit organization that aims to “get comics into schools and get schools into comics.” Tom Stillwell wrote about their first anthology last year, which covered a variety of subjects as their proof of concept, and was very well-received. Now, RWP is seeking funding on Kickstarter for The Graphic Textbook, a 144-page comics anthology covering Social Studies, Math, Language Arts, Science — all drawn from a list of common core standards. Their hope is to weave comics-based learning into virtually every subject by producing a book that can actually be used as a textbook, and not simply a literacy aid.”

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Walden Media makes book on ‘Rex Libris’

Variety – “Walden Media is moving ahead on development of “Rex Libris,” tapping Ben Zazove to adapt the humorous sci-fi graphic novel. Walden acquired feature rights to “Rex” last year, which follows the zombie-slaying adventures of librarian Rex Libris as he protects the books of the Middleton Public Library and guards the world’s literary treasures from a host of supernatural foes.”

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Not just black and white

Boston Globe – “The graphic novel is much more than a slightly longer comic book, or even the comic’s smarter cousin. It’s a vehicle for artists of different stripes, with or without excessive drafting ability, to reveal something of their imaginations and their visions of the world with untold levels of quirkiness and, at times, poetic immediacy. The doubleness of the best graphic novels, following the profound (though wordless) precedent of artists like Frans Masereel and Lynd Ward while also paying homage, by definition, to the panel-bound virtuosic escapism of traditional comic books, is on triumphant display in five recently published works.”

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Graphic novel’s appeal widens

Courier News – Years of waiting for acceptance from a broader audience than teen-agers and die-hard fans and collectors seem to have paid off for graphic novelists. The popularity of the illustrated books has soared, with comic and book stores and even libraries devoting large amounts of shelf space to them. Elgin has two comic book stores that sell graphic novels. They also can be found in separate sections of book stores such as Border’s and Barnes & Noble.”

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Superman Finds New Fans Among Reading Instructors

New York Times – “Some parents and teachers regard comics, with their sentences jammed into bubbles and their low word-to-picture ratio, as part of the problem when it comes to low reading scores and the much-lamented decline in reading for pleasure. But a growing cadre of educators is looking to comics as part of the solution.”

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Academic Librarians and Graphic Novels

Academic Librarians and Graphic Novels

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