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“Your Voice Matters” – Help Make USA.gov Work for You

White House – “In support of the President’s Open Government Initiative — and in keeping with a 40-year history of bringing government information to the public — GSA’s Office of Citizen Services is hosting the dialog, Your Voice Matters. Your Voice Matters invites the public to post ideas for improving USA.gov, the U.S. government’s official web portal.

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‘Civic technologies’ developed at Princeton shed light on government issues

News at Princeton – “Edward Felten and Stephen Schultze use computers as flashlights. The Princeton computer scientists recently oversaw the launch of two Web-based technologies to illuminate the workings of government by making court records and the federal government’s “newspaper,” the Federal Register, easily accessible online.”

See FedThread

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The Battle to Access Information Online

Save The Internet – “There is a silent battle occurring in Washington, D.C., over our ability to freely access and exchange information through our last unbiased medium, the Internet. The telecom industry is feverishly buying up policy-makers in an attempt to block new, unanimously approved FCC regulations on Internet service providers.”

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Pro Publica compiles easy-to-search database on stimulus spending

USA Today – “The independent, non-profit organization, which focuses on investigative journalism, says it has “cleaned out the cobwebs and added thousands of records the feds didn’t include to create the most complete and search able analysis of stimulus spending available anywhere.”

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Text and Multimedia Messaging: Emerging Issues for Congress

New(ish) CRS Report

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State Senate Records Get More Transparent

The New York Observer – “The New York State Senate’s chief information officer team just launched an early version of their Open Legislation Portal today.”

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Government opens data to public

BBC – “An ambitious new website that will open up government data to the public will launch in beta, or pilot, form in December.
Reams of anonymous data about schools, crime and health could all be included.”

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Critics say franking rules should change to suit the age of Twitter

The Hill – “Congress should re-evaluate the franking rules to further accommodate Twitter and other social-media tools, according to several critics. They say rules regulating content are too rigid and outdated, preventing lawmakers from taking full advantage of Twitter to share candid observations and communicate better with constituents.”

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Resources About the Flu

On Flu.gov

More here.

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A New Day at Justice.gov

Justice Blog – “The Department of Justice launches Justice.gov today in an effort to increase openness and transparency in government. Utilizing a variety of online tools, we will be able to share news and information, not just on our own web site, but through popular social networks Twitter, YouTube and MySpace and Facebook. The Justice presence on these social networks will allow Americans to interact with the Department in entirely new ways.”

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