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Google and the future of search: Amit Singhal and the Knowledge Graph

“Google has revolutionised the way we holiday, shop, work and play. Now, with Knowledge Graph, it plans to radically transform the way we search the internet… again. But some voice qualms about the company’s ambitions”

via The Guardian

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Google Analytics In Real Life – Site Search


Google brings more Dead Sea Scrolls online, giving us a chance to brush up on the Ten Commandments

“Just in time for some festive debates, Google is presenting fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls for the world to take a closer a look at. The latest revelations are not the Christmas story, but the chance to read part of Genesis from the ancient document is an amazing opportunity for historians and the curious. About a year ago, the big G helped to put five manuscripts from the documents online. The Dead Sea Scrolls are ancient writings that include the oldest known biblical manuscripts.”

via The Next Web

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The Google Challenge: Google Images versus The Picture Collection

“In September 2015 the Picture Collection, which is located on the third floor of the Mid-Manhattan Branch of The New York Public Library, will celebrate its centennial. The Picture Collection’s origins were closely tied to immigration into New York City at the beginning of the 20th century. Advances in printing and publishing at the time, combined with the population explosion, created an increase in demand from the advertising markets. The need for a specialized collection of images arranged by subject heading quickly became evident and artists and designers requiring specific visual resources turned to the Library for help. The circulation department began collecting images and on September 13, 1915 the Collection opened to the public. Today, almost one hundred years later, professional artists and designers, students, and researchers continue to be inspired by the Picture Collection.”

via TThe New York Public Library Blog

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Publishers and Google Reach Agreement

“The Association of American Publishers (AAP) and Google today announced a settlement agreement that will provide access to publishers’ in-copyright books and journals digitized by Google for its Google Library Project. The dismissal of the lawsuit will end seven years of litigation. The agreement settles a copyright infringement lawsuit filed against Google on October 19, 2005 by five AAP member publishers. As the settlement is between the parties to the litigation, the court is not required to approve its terms. The settlement acknowledges the rights and interests of copyright-holders. US publishers can choose to make available or choose to remove their books and journals digitized by Google for its Library Project. Those deciding not to remove their works will have the option to receive a digital copy for their use. Apart from the settlement, US publishers can continue to make individual agreements with Google for use of their other digitally-scanned works.”

via Google Press Release

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Google urges end to authors’ digital book lawsuit

“Google Inc retook the offensive against thousands of authors claiming it copied their works without permission, and urged the dismissal of a class-action lawsuit arising from its ambitious plan to build the world’s largest digital book library. Friday’s request by the world’s largest search engine company followed a federal judge’s March 2011 rejection of a sweeping $125 million settlement of the now seven-year-old case. Talks to revive an accord later broke down.”

via Reuters

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Google donates 100 computers to Vermont public libraries and adult education sites

‘Google has donated 100 computers and funding for software to Vermont public libraries and adult education sites. Vermont State Librarian Martha Reid announced the gift, which is valued at nearly $25,000 combined. “Our local libraries have become the hubs of connectivity in many communities and we are very pleased with this public private partnership,” said Governor Peter Shumlin. “This puts power in the hands of Vermonters seeking free access to the Internet and all the benefits – for education, employment opportunities and more – that offers.”  The donation, part of a larger effort by Google to donate surplus equipment from their offices, includes desktop computers and flat screen monitors, keyboards and mice, all completely refurbished and loaded with the latest software operating systems. None of the computers is more than three years old.”

via Vermont Business Magazine

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Supreme Court Justices: Addicted to Google

Boston Globe – “Everyone knows that Google is changing the way college kids write their term papers. What’s less obvious is that it’s also changing the way that judges write their opinions — even America’s most august judges, those on the Supreme Court. In an absolutely fascinating article in the Virginia Law Review, “Confronting Supreme Court Fact Finding,” Allison Orr Larsen, a law professor at William & Mary, shows just how prevalent online research is at the Supreme Court. “In-house research,” she argues, much of it done online, is changing the way America’s highest court works, and not for the better.”

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U.C.L.A. Professor Makes a Case for Google as Publisher

NYTimes – “IS Google search an intermediary like the phone company — simply connecting people with the information they seek? Or is Google search a publisher, like a newspaper, which provides only the information that it sees fit and is protected by the First Amendment?”

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Helping students become savvy searchers with [Google’s] new Search Education hub

Google Inside Search – “In the interest of creating more of these magical moments for students, we’re pleased to announce our new Search Education website, bringing educators the tools they need to help students become savvy searchers and independent learners Learning to tap the full potential of Google Search empowers students in both their academic and daily pursuits. Search education provides the technical tools and critical thinking skills crucial to preparing today’s students to be technologically self-reliant, independent learners.”

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