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Google Reader Vs MyAOL Favorites

Mashable puts the two head to head and Google Reader wins by a landslide. No surprise there and I haven’t even tried MyAOL. That’s how good Google Reader is.

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Bloglines to Google Reader

Bill Drew makes the switch. Have you?

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10 Suggestions to Improve Google Reader

Louis Gray has a few ideas

FYI, I’m still in love with Google Reader.  This morning, I posted to my blog and, for giggles, I refreshed the reader seconds after.  My post was the first one there!!  How cool!!

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Sharing is Good

Jill Stover brings up a good point regarding the sharing feature on Google Reader:

"I’m glad to do this because I often read so much that I want to discuss with all of you but I can’t always find the time. This way, at least you know I’m thinking about it!"

The Reader makes it so easy to share (seriously – just hit "Shift-S" and it’s done) that the more share, the more we learn.  Basic community practices apply.  Lots of LS readers have shared their URLs, but I’m sure that there is more out there.  Send yours in.  🙂

There’s lots of neat tools that we can use to play with our shared items.  This is very meta and I’m loving it.  I have a good feeling about all of this

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Sharing Your Items? Tell Us

Hey, if you are using Google Reader and are using their shared items feature, leave the URL in the comments…

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My Shared Items

Since Google Reader is making my RSS reading so very easy these days (I really love this thing), I’ve been able to keep up with my shared items as well.  It’s so easy to add a post to it, just hit "Shift-S" while I’m reading from the aggregator.  Suweeeeeet!.

If you’re a Google Reader addict and like the stuff I blog about, why not grab my shared items feed and add it your feeds (really, you can do this in any reader)?  I read Robert Scoble’s shared items and he really helps me to stay current in the tech/geek world.  Very serendipitous.

One suggestion to the Google Reader folks.  Robert shares posts that I am already subscribed to.  Is there a way to get rid of the duplicates?

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Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog – Bloglines v. Google Reader

Laura "Tegan" Gjovaag does a stream of consciousness review of Google Reader while comparing it to Bloglines.  Do take a look.  I like this quote, which I was thinking too as I fell madly in love with Google Reader:

"Here’s my thoughts, as I go through the new Google Reader… First off, before I even open the thing, I’m thinking how Google is slowly taking over my life. Their e-mail system is better than many others (I love being able to put emails in multiple "folders" with the labels function, and the spam filter is better than just about anyone else), I use their search engine almost exclusively, and they’ve bought Blogger. Despite their mantra "Don’t Be Evil", they’ve made some very depressing choices regarding politics and internet freedom. Hmmm… do I really want to turn over my blog reading to them as well?"

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