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More on Shared Items

Felipe Hoffa thinks that sharing items aspect of Google Reader invades his privacy.

I tend to disagree. When I share content, I know that it’s going to any who wants to read it. That’s what “Shared Items” means. Don’t want to read it, then don’t read it.

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Future of RSS Readers

Louis Gray – “Reading one’s RSS feeds today is a journey of isolation.”

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More on Shared Items

Google just merged (kinda) Google Talk and Google Reader. Now I can read what my Google Talk friends are sharing. So far, three friends are sharing items. How many of you are seeing my shared items? I’m curious.

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New From Bloglines

Wow. Two new features in as many days? Will Bloglines be able to keep up with Google Reader? I doubt it. Google has an infinite amount of money. Bloglines? Not as much.

Google Reader makes me feel smarter. Bloglines never did that (and I won’t find out if it does now, because I’m not going back to it).

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Was It Something I said?

I just lost half of my Google Reader subscribers. 🙁


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