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Changes to Google Reader


When I used to get posts from shared items feeds that I subscribed to, Google Reader didn’t indicate that it was indeed from a shared reader feed. Now it does. I think this is new and I like it.

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Subscribers Now Up To 2,674


Google must be making some changes. 😉

Update: From the Google Reader Blog – “These numbers include subscribers across all Google services, including Reader, iGoogle, and Orkut. You can see them in Reader’s feed search results (pictured below) and the Google Webmaster Tools. Additionally, our crawler reports them to the publisher each time we fetch the feed. Reader’s feed search was recently showing stale and incomplete data, but as of today (October 15) the numbers should be the same everywhere.”

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Check Your Subscribers on Google Reader



These numbers are way below the stats that I came up with last time. Oh well. Numbers are just numbers.

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Honey, Can I Get This. Please?

Josh Lowensohn – “Picnik is launching a new premium subscription service tomorrow morning. $24.95 gets you a year of access to a slew of advanced effects and fonts.”

is the king of online photo editors. Another tool I would pay for to gain access to advanced features (if ever available)? Google Reader, of course!

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More on Human Filters

EirePreneur – “Anyone who wants to put the RSS genie back in the bottle and rob the web of human filters should go work with the dead tree press.”

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Google. Why Did You Do This?

1000Plus Items

As if I needed a reminder. Ack! It’s been a crazy week so far. Not much RSS reading for me in the past 24 hours.

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New Bloglines

Rats. I actually have to log in and check out the new Bloglines (Must. Remember. Password.) Can RSS reading get better, easier, and quicker than Google Reader? Doubtful, but there needs to be competitors in the market.

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Share Your Shared Items

I’m looking for some good Google Reader shared items feeds. If you use this feature in Google Reader and think that I should subscribe to it, send me a note at stevenmcohen [at] gmail [dot] com.

BTW, mine is here.

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Another Reason to Switch to Google Reader

Matt Mullenweg – “it feels better to be on a platform that whether real or perceived feels like it has real momentum.”

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Why No “Blog This”?

Denise Howell asks: “Facebook finally has me using an aggregator after six years of finding them basically useless. It’s Google Reader. So now I have my first grumble: as part of the Google OS/empire, why doesn’t Reader have “Blog This” functionality with Blogger?”

I’m sure something can be hacked, but in the meantime, there’s the old standard.

And, yes. Google Reader still rocks my world.

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