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Shared Reader

Another “What Are People Sharing” app. (via)

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Free NewsGator

Great news.

Of course, I’m not giving up Google Reader for anything. I think I found my RSS heaven.

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ReadBurner shows what people are sharing on their Google Reader. If you want yours to show up, you have to add it. (via)

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Google on Managing your shared items

They’ve made some changes. Hopefully, this will satisfy everyone, but probably not.

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More on Shared Items

Erick Schonfeld – “To be clear, Google Reader is not broadcasting every feed you subscribe to out to your entire contact list. The default is to keep everything private until you deliberately click the “share” button. But once you do that, you lose control over who gets to see what. The appeal of this approach is that it is an effortless way to discover what a subset of people you know are sharing. But it might also create privacy issues for people who do not understand exactly how it works . There is a creepy surveillance aspect to this that might also turn some people off, or keep them from sharing anything at all.”

More here
. And here.

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More on Shared Items

Felipe Hoffa thinks that sharing items aspect of Google Reader invades his privacy.

I tend to disagree. When I share content, I know that it’s going to any who wants to read it. That’s what “Shared Items” means. Don’t want to read it, then don’t read it.

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Future of RSS Readers

Louis Gray – “Reading one’s RSS feeds today is a journey of isolation.”

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More on Shared Items

Google just merged (kinda) Google Talk and Google Reader. Now I can read what my Google Talk friends are sharing. So far, three friends are sharing items. How many of you are seeing my shared items? I’m curious.

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New From Bloglines

Wow. Two new features in as many days? Will Bloglines be able to keep up with Google Reader? I doubt it. Google has an infinite amount of money. Bloglines? Not as much.

Google Reader makes me feel smarter. Bloglines never did that (and I won’t find out if it does now, because I’m not going back to it).

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Was It Something I said?

I just lost half of my Google Reader subscribers. 🙁


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