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I’m a long time user of bloglines, but

Steve Matthews – “I’m a long time user of bloglines, but my patience is almost done.”

Yup.  Bloglines is basically kaput.  I looked at my blog in there and it hadn’t been updated in months (and I’m the 150th top blog).

Steve, come over to the dark side

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Google Reader vs. Bloglines

bibliosk8 does a bit of comparison…

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New from Bloglines

Search, Flickr View, Add Page. I haven’t seen any numbers lately. Is Google Reader still kicking Bloglines?

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Updated Google Reader Numbers

Thanks guys!

Google Reader Stats

Plus, we’re still at 151 at the top Bloglines feeds, with over 5,500 subscribers.

Now, this doesn’t equate to eyeballs, but I’m thrilled nonetheless.

Thanks readers!!!

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ReadBurner Updates

Louis Gray has the news

I love the stats page! Suweeet!

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