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Here’s Why Google Reader Really Got the Axe

“When Google announced its plans to shutter Google Reader in March, the Internet freaked out. Twitter users raised their virtual pitchforks in outrage. Bloggers wept, scrambling to find a suitable replacement by the service’s July 1 death date. Obviously Google had to have a good reason to shut Reader down. The company has reams of data on how we use its products, and would not shutter a product that was providing sufficient food to its info-hungry maw. While some users remained devoted, the usage numbers just didn’t add up. The announcement shouldn’t have been too unexpected. Google hadn’t iterated on the service for years. It even went down for a few days in February. But there’s another reason Google decided to put its RSS reader to death. According to Mountain View, most of us simply consume news differently now than when Reader was launched.” (via Wired.com)

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Reading gets personal with Popular items and Personalized ranking

Google Reader Blog – “Today, we’re launching two changes to Google Reader to help you discover more interesting content faster. Just as the launch of Personalized Search improved search results based on your search history, these changes use your Reader Trends to improve your reading experience.”

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A flurry of features for feed readers

Official Google Reader Blog – “Since our last big launch, we’ve been thinking about ways to help our users better share, discover, and consume content in Reader. Today, I’m happy to announce several new features that we hope will further improve the way you use Reader.”

As always GR continues to impress.

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Helvetireader – “[A] userscript that pares down Google Reader to what I consider to be the essentials.”

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Bloglines v. Google Reader…Again

Walt Crawford takes a look and, in the end, still prefers Bloglines.

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