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Google To Let News Groups Set Reader Limits

Dow Jones – “Google?Inc. (GOOG) said Tuesday it will let publishers set a daily limit on the number of articles readers can view for free through the Internet giant’s search engine. The change, which will let publishers limit readers to five free articles per day, comes as news executives step up their war of words against Google, which they claim is pocketing advertising profits on the back of their free content.”

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How the Grinch Stole Google News

Daily Finance – “With our sincere apologies to Dr. Seuss”

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Create and Share custom News sections

Google News Blog – “Today, Google News is making it even easier to follow the latest stories on whatever subjects interest you. We are happy to announce our Custom sections directory, which gives users of some of our English-language editions the expanded ability to create comprehensive sections to put on their Google News home page or share with other users.”

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Extra! Extra! Updates from our growing newspaper archives

Google News Blog – “We’ve recently updated our index, quadrupling the number of articles included in News Archive Search. We now include articles from several new publications, including the Halifax Gazette, Sydney Morning Herald, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and the Village Voice. Working with our partners, we’ve also added new international publications such as the Manila Standard, The Nation from Thailand, and many others.”

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Google Drops News Comment Feature

NYTimes.com – “People in the news media were intrigued by the idea of giving article subjects the power to comment, and the idea drew considerable news coverage. But the feature never got a lot of use –- the company declined to provide numbers –- and it was dropped without an announcement in May.”

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Google News RSS Search Changes

Google Reader_1245975622746

This is a great change. I have never seen this for a search feed in Google.

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Google News Author Linking

I’ve noticed that Google News is now hyperlinking authors in their news searches.  See below.

Clicking on the authors name however, will invariably lead to no results.  They seem to be beta-testing.  Great idea though.

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Fun With Google News’ Source Syntax

And how to find the comments. Great detective work Tara.

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I Learn Something New Everyday

CNET – “To get stories on Google News, news sites have to have more than one staff member.”

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PR[e]SS Releases

Tara teaches us how to use Google News to monitor press releases via RSS.

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