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Georgia promotes ‘Little Free Library’ as Kansas shuts one down

“As news about a little boy’s effort at creating a free library operation at his home in Kansas draws more attention, the child’s father has taken down the birdhouse-like structure after contacting the mayor, who said it violates city codes, since it isn’t attached to the family’s home. According to this June 19 Pitch post, the child’s simple effort to give other people in his community a nearby place to go to in order to borrow a book has turned into a nasty battle over city codes and whether a homeowner can erect a birdhouse-like structure in their front yard or not.” (via Examiner.com)

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The iLibrary: Not Just for Books Anymore

“One day, we’ll tell our children—probably by telepathy through their Google brain implants—about the old days when people cut down trees, turned them into books, and had to go to a building to borrow or buy one. We walked uphill in the snow, both ways, and our reading glasses didn’t even have the Internet! The Athens-Clarke County Library is getting ready for that day.

via Flagpole Magazine)

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George ‘Ray’ Mitchell, 77: Dedicated life to libraries, reading

AJC – “Inspired by his mother, a civil rights activist in Atlanta during the turbulent 1960s, George “Ray” Mitchell took a courageous stand in 1971 in the South Georgia library district where he was newly hired. “There was a sign that advertised story hours. He put another sign up saying, everyone is welcome at the library,” said Mr. Mitchell’s daughter, Sarah Yates of Savannah. Mrs. Yates said she and her siblings were not told the details of what happened next, “but I know at the board level and in the community, he stood them down – my father was very strong. First of all he was 6-foot-4, a tremendous person to be in the presence of. He was not much for words. But they knew he meant it, and no one fought it in the end.”

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