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Chairman quits after Arizona genealogy library’s changes

“There goes the researcher vote … The changes at the state Library, Archives and Public Records division are not going down well with the research community. After Secretary of State Michele Reagan, who oversees the division, announced “digital is our world,” a member of the state Library Advisory Board resigned. Then came four layoffs and the abrupt downsizing and move of the state genealogy collection. For Catherine May, who was the board’s first chairman, it was too much. “I just don’t want my name tied to Secretary Reagan,” May said. “I don’t trust what they’ve done.” (via Arizona Republic)

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Researchers lament Arizona genealogy library’s sudden downsizing, relocation

“Researchers see history disappearing before their eyes, as the state’s genealogical library is being packed up and only partially relocated to a new building. News of the pending Friday closure of the genealogy library inside the state Capitol has fueled a wave of complaints and concerns from researchers who fear they will have less to work with as they trace family history. On Monday, a small portion of the 20,000-item collection will open to the public at the Genealogy Center at the Polly Rosenbaum Archives and History Building, located a few blocks southwest of the Capitol.” (via Arizona Republic)

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Ancestry.com and Associated Press Bring Historical AP Archives Online

“We are excited to announce a collaboration with the Associated Press that makes fifty years of news stories–in their original wire copy format–available online today.Available at Ancestry.com/AP, the voluminous card catalog of names and subjects links to more than two million records and more than one million AP stories spanning 1937 to 1985, a resource which took Ancestry.com several years to prepare and digitize.” (via Ancestry.com)

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Ancestry.com adds military burial sites

“Genealogy website Ancestry.com launched an online, searchable collection of the burial sites of more than 500,000 members of the military on Monday, Veterans Day. The project, a partnership with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the National Archives and Records Administration, allows people to search by name — for a fee — through an online collection of military burial sites at Ancestry.com.”

via AP

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Who Am I? New Gale Genealogy Connect Resource Provides the ‘How To’ to Answer that Question

“Gale, part of Cengage Learning and a leading publisher of research and reference resources for libraries, schools and businesses, today announced the launch of Gale Genealogy Connect, a new online tool for genealogical research. Focusing on the “how to” of genealogical research along with unique source materials, Gale Genealogy Connect serves as a complement to popular fact, date and people-based genealogy resources already on the market. Sourced from the publications of Genealogical.com, parent company for Genealogical Publishing Company and Clearfield Company, Gale Genealogy Connect features over 550 reference works at release (formerly only available by print or CD-ROM) on a standalone ebook platform, with a goal of growing the collection to nearly 1,500 works. The content covers a wide range of topics such as genealogy research basics, genealogy methods and sources, colonial genealogy, immigration, royal and Native American ancestry. Gale Genealogy Connect serves both novice and advanced researchers – beginners will learn proper research methods and how to define and organize goals, while powerful search features help advanced researchers make connections among data to uncover a meaningful story behind their family tree.”

via Gale

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Ancestry.com Publishes the Most Comprehensive Collection of Massachusetts Vital Records Ever Compiled

MarketWatch – “Ancestry.com, the worlds largest online family history resource, today announced that it has added nearly nine million Massachusetts birth, marriage and death records detailing over 330 years of Massachusetts residents to its website. Acquired from the husband and wife research team of Jay and DeLene Holbrook, the records represent the most complete collection of Massachusetts vital records known to exist. Now available exclusively online at Ancestry.com, the collection includes original records for 315 of the states 351 towns from 1620 through 1988. The collection contains important details on Bay Staters through periods significant not just to the history of Commonwealth, but to the entire nation — including the first Pilgrim Thanksgiving in Plymouth and the first battles of the American Revolution in Lexington and Concord.”

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