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Library and Archives Canada offers glimpse into 1920s Canada with release of census

“Canadian genealogists finally have access to 92-year-old census data that could help them discover important information about their family history. The hand-written 1921 Census of Canada was made available on Ancestry.ca last week and includes survey data alongside the full names, addresses and places of birth of the people who provided the information. Library and Archives Canada allowed Ancestry.ca to publish the census online last week, said Lesley Anderson, who works in content acquisition with the genealogy website.” (via Vancouver Sun)

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Ind. state library’s genealogy website ranked as 1 of nation’s best state websites of its kind

AP – “A genealogy website run by the Indiana State Library that allows users to explore their family trees has been honored as one of the finest in the nation. Family Tree Magazine recently called the library’s Genealogy Collection as having one of nation’s best state genealogy websites.”

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