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I’ll Drink To That ;-)

Wayne Bivens-Tatum – “If we really wanted to attract students and make the library fun, perhaps we should use library space for pubs.”

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Brian Mathews – “If you are a librarian with a blog then you have to mention gaming from time to time.”

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Gaming at Library Questioned

While many enjoyed the symposium, others aren’t happy about library-sponsored gaming nights.

Interesting quote from the director: “It’s the parents’ obligation to know what their kids are doing,” said Library Director Marilyn Genther. “It’s up to them to know (the rating). It’s not our responsibility.”

I don’t know the whole situation (and I’m not much into gaming), but that seems like an odd response. Again, I’m not into gaming, so I don’t know what the norm is with library gaming nights. I guess it’s like kids under 17 checking out R-Rated movies…

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US Army Wants to Enlist a Few Good Gamers

For Jenny:

“In concert with online gaming news site Global Game League, the U.S. Army will sponsor a “national gaming” area in an effort to appeal to 17- to 24-year-old players. “We’re grappling with the challenge of how do we better use new media to tell the Army story. Online is probably the best way,” says Gary Bishop, who oversees Army marketing and advertising.”

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